Etsy Sellers In Alberta, Canada Struggle With Business & Tax Info

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Etsy sellers in Alberta, Canada have hit a snag when trying to enter business and tax information required to sell on the site.

Sellers incorporated in Alberta, Canada - problems with business/tax registration info
Etsy often struggles with official formats from non-US jurisdictions, and this appears to be the case for sellers incorporated in the Canadian province of Alberta. Etsy doesn’t seem to be accepting all of the numbers for business and tax registration. Advice from Ontario sellers doesn’t seem to work…

Seller and blogger, Cindylouwho2, posted some helpful advice for affected sellers in the Etsy community.

How to fill out your "Legal and Tax Information page" on Etsy if you have an incorporated business in Alberta

Your Taxpayer ID = 123456789RT0001 (all caps, no spaces)

Name of Legal Entity = Found on your Certificate of Incorporation; if your company ends in LTD. Make sure you include the period after LTD.

Legal Business Address = Found on your Incorporate Alberta Corporation - Registration Statement. The address you enter must match the address on the document EXACTLY. If you expand or abbreviate the address (Drive or DR) so it is a different format than your Registration Statement, Etsy may flag it. This address also needs to match the address on your GST/HST registration.

Jurisdiction = As per your incorporation documents - it may be a province or federal depending on your choice when you incorporated; check with your accountant to confirm if you aren't sure.

Business Registration Number = 10-digit Corporate Access Number found on your Certificate of Incorporation. It is the also called the Alberta Corporate Access Number on the document where your Business Number is issued by Corporate Registry Alberta. If you use your Business Number on this document, Etsy may flag you.


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