eBayUK Experiences Managed Payments Payout Delays

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBayUK sellers are reporting delays in Managed Payments payouts from September 28th, 2021.

It's also a hot topic over on the eBayUK community forum.

Managed Payments
Anyone else missing payments from Ebay. Todays managed payment has arrived, but yesterdays has still not!
No payout today
Hi Normally, we get payout daily around mid-day. Nothing as of yet, had the email confirmation that payout has been sent. Anyone missing today’s payout?
Has anyone else not received anything today?
Had a proper rant with eBay about this and they keep saying Money sent and system says it is all done. Rung my bank and bank is saying Not in their interest to withhold money it is actually posted and eBay just keeps referring to 0-4 day rule. What is the point of having them daily payouts if rule i…
Anyone else missing a payout today?
After a few days of late payouts back in May things settled down until today anyone else on daily payouts not received theirs today.?

eBayUK community staff are saying the issue was caused by an incident for "payouts missing confirmation".

I have not yet heard reports of any delays this week affecting US sellers. However, it's interesting to note this delay in the UK affected the payouts that were to be initiated on Tuesday.

As I've noted in the past when delays like this have happened in the US, they typically seem to happen on Tuesdays. Sellers have the option to have payouts processed on a daily or weekly schedule and weekly payouts are only processed on Tuesdays, so it is the largest processing day for eBay.

Once again I have to wonder if eBay and/or their payment processor Adyen is struggling to keep up.

And of course, as usual, the eBay system status page shows no disruptions or outages despite eBay's social support channels being flooded with complaints.

Are you experiencing payout delays from eBay Managed Payments? Drop a comment 👇and let me know if you are a UK or US seller!

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