eBay Managed Payments Payout Delays 9-14-21

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Sellers are reporting delayed processing of payouts yet again today.  This one is particularly concerning because the way it displays on the Payments summary page says there have been no payouts in the last 90 days!

Managed Payments - “You don’t have any payouts in the last 90 days.”
Oh now THIS is scary! “You don’t have any payouts in the last 90 days” ... Oh, YES I DO!

However, when checking the payout history tab, it does still list all previous payouts and shows that today's payout has been subtracted from available funds and is "in progress."

The last time there was a similar widespread delay in payouts on 8-31-21, sellers were understandably concerned and upset, but luckily eBay was able to get payouts pushed through and still processed that day.

Is eBay Skipping Weekly Managed Payments Payout 8-31-21?
eBay sellers report possible skipped payouts for August 31, 2021.

Hopefully today's delay will be short lived as well and payouts will go out in time to meet end of day bank deadlines.

It's worth noting that these delays typically seem to happen on Tuesdays.  Sellers have the option to have payouts processed on a daily or weekly schedule. Weekly payouts are only processed on Tuesdays, so it is the largest processing day for eBay.  It would seem eBay and/or their payment processor may occasionally be struggling to cope with the load.

Several sellers have asked in the past why eBay doesn't allow sellers who prefer the weekly schedule to choose which day of the week their payout occurs.  As eBay nears the completion of the Managed Payments migration, maybe it's time to revisit that suggestion.

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