Is eBay Skipping Weekly Managed Payments Payout 8-31-21?

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


UPDATE: Sellers are reporting customer service has acknowledged this is a "site issue" that is being escalated. Some sellers have reported they've finally received notice of payouts going out today while others are still seeing no payout processed yet.

It appears eBay is in the process of getting payouts pushed through and hopefully it will continue to update throughout the day.

A seller reported to me they are not seeing a scheduled payout from eBay today even though they have funds available to be paid out.

It looks like so far there have been a few other reports in the eBay community as well.

Re: anyone elses payout get skipped this week? too...............I imagine it’s a time thing............that the payment is being made, but haven’t correctly up dated the notice. Of course, I guess they could have gotten mixed up as to when Labor day is..........
is ebay skipping weekly payments this week
per payments page last payout last tuesday next payout next payout today????

Some sellers on the daily payout schedule are also reporting issues. They are seeing payouts listed with today's date, but the amount is for the payout that was processed yesterday, August 30th.

This may just be a delay in updating the information displayed in the payments tab, but sellers are understandably nervous when it comes to payments and cash flow.

This situation sounds very similar to past technical issues eBay has had with Managed Payments.

Managed Payments Skipping Payout for October 6th?
Please explain why there is no payout scheduled for today. We are on daily payouts, over $3,000 in available funds, nowhere near that much in β€œheld” money from returns. What is going on here?! If this is related to the tech problems yesterday, eBay needs to communicate that NOW! Update t…

In those cases, it was a delay in batch processing and eBay was still able to push through the payouts, they just occurred later in the day than usual. Hopefully that's all this is and payouts will still happen today, but eBay should put out an announcement as soon as possible to let sellers know what is going on.

I'll update as more details are available.

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