eBay Updates Bid Retraction Policies For Trading Cards

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


I'm not seeing an official announcement from eBay on this yet, but trading card sellers on Twitter are reporting receiving an email advising of changes to the bid retraction policy effective June 30th.

We're updating our bid retraction policy for Sports Trading Cards, Non-Sports Trading Cards, and Collectible Card Game auctions.

Starting June 30th, 2021, buyers will no longer have the ability to retract bids without seller approval. Sellers' decisions to to accept or reject auction bid retraction requests will be final.

How The New Auction Bid Retraction Policy Will Work

Starting June 30, if you want to retract an auction bid, you will need to contact the seller via messaging on eBay and request a retraction. The seller, at their sole discretion, will be able to accept or or decline your retraction request. If the seller does not accept your request, your bid can still win or lose the auction and you will be required to make payment on any winning bid you submit. We also inform buyers on our Bid Retraction Policy page that a bid is a binding contract.

As previously communicated, as of April 2021, if an item goes unpaid by the 5th calendar day, the seller may cancel the order due to non-payment. Regularly missing payments may impact your account. Check out our Unpaid Item Policy to learn more.

We appreciate your support and willingness to work with this new policy as we anticipate our trading cards policy update will make eBay a more trusted and fairer marketplace for all.

I'll post more information when eBay makes an official announcement or new details are released.


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