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UPDATE 8-12-21: It looks like this issue is back again. Sellers are reporting tracking numbers are not "sticking" once they upload them into eBay's system.

Re: 25 Tracking Numbers have vanished ????
August and the vanishing Tracking Numbers are starting to happen again! Two this week so far. They are there one day and gone the next. Still shows that it was shipped and if you click to add the tracking again it is already there.....Just not in the Manage All Orders List of Shipping Hub. Hoping …
Tracking Numbers are Vanishing Again!
I’m starting to lose my Tracking numbers again. They are disappearing from The “Manage Your Orders” list in Selling Hub. Started yesterday 8/10/2021. This morning even more tracking numbers have vanished. Still says the product was shipped but to add tracking. When I click on the “add tracking”…
Ebay Needs To Post Notice That Tracking Is Not Working
Items purchased last week provided tracking information earlier this week but now nothing is listed and I have received some of the items already. Is anyone else having problems?

Update 6-14: Sellers are reporting this morning the defects have been removed and their seller level metrics have been restored to where they should be.

UPDATE 6-13: eBay has added a notification to the seller dashboard acknowledging the issue and stating sellers' benefits will not be affected.

Some eBay sellers are reporting receiving "tracking not uploaded" defects on their accounts for orders that show shipped with tracking in their Seller Hub records - some even purchased shipping labels directly from eBay!

I ship everything through Ebay, seller report says I never shipped items so im not top rated anymore from eBaySellerAdvice

There are also multiple posts on the eBay community about this issue.

Post office was closed on Monday May 31, but eBay has penalized me for “non-uploaded” shipments
Just checked my eBay dashboard, which now grades me below 97%, due to 7 items “not being uploaded.” Most of those low gradings occurred on May 31 (Memorial Day), when U. S. Post Offices were CLOSED! When the post office opened again on June 1, all those shipments were uploaded on time -- and …

I have 7 orders showing I had no tracking----NO, I always have tracking
Look at this: I always buy Ebay postage and get immediate tracking. This was Memorial Day weekend.

Overnight my seller level dropped for tracking not uploaded
Woke up to my forecast seller level to drop due to 10 items not having any tracking # uploaded. This is a source of pride for me and each and every item I sell is shipped within 24hrs and tracking is ALWAYS uploaded and I go back and verify it. They listed 10 items and each and every one of them is …

WHERE is the Annoucnement on the Memorial Day Tracking upload GLITCH?????
I just saw a thread on the M2M board about tracking not being uploaded on time on Memorial Day weekend ... so I checked my Dashboard and sure enough I am now scheduled to be switched from TRS to Above Standard next month IF THEY DON’T FIX THEIR GLITCH. I just checked Announcements and 12 days afte…

Defect ratings
Regarding tracking uploaded & validated. It states in my SELLER LEVEL that there are several items where tracking was not uploaded at all. It clearly shows that the items have tracking, were shipped on time and items were delivered. I am aware that USPS has been slacking in there delivery of pack…

It appears most reports are showing orders being affected on/around May 28- May 31st, with some speculation there could be an issue with eBay accounting for the Memorial Day holiday for "on time" shipping.

However, it's import to note the defect is not for tracking being uploaded late - it is saying that tracking was not uploaded at all, so it would seem to be a deeper technical problem than simply forgetting not to count the holiday as a shipping day.

There were reports of similar problems on May 17th, where tracking numbers were being uploaded, but were not visible to both buyers and sellers on some orders.

eBay Tracking Numbers Not Showing In Seller Hub
Glitch is causing tracking numbers not to be visible for both buyers and sellers on some orders.

There has been no response from eBay staff in the community yet and the eBay System Status page shows no disruptions or outages, though it is not uncommon for the status page to show "all clear" even when there are known sitewide technical issues occurring.

eBay: System Status
eBay Application

I'll update as more information becomes available.

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