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Sellers began reporting a glitch affecting the display of tracking in Seller Hub for some orders on May 17th.

25 Tracking Numbers have vanished ????
I always check every night that my Tracking numbers are loaded either by Stamps.com or me and that they have an acceptance scan . Tonight (Monday) I did my nightly check and 25 tracking numbers from the last few days are missing. They were there yesterday night after I printed out all my labels for …

coffeebean832 said

Yeah- the info is there, but it's hidden on the backend. If eBay wasn't recognizing the tracking then these orders would all be under Awaiting Shipment. They're appropriately under the Paid and Shipped filter, so at least there's that- but it's still an issue that we can't see tracking on the orders page to quickly check on delivery issues, etc. It also makes me wonder if the buyers can see tracking on their purchase history page or not.

orchidsound confirmed this is an issue for buyers as well as sellers.

We have been contacted by one of our customers who reported that they cannot see the tracking on their end on their purchase history page. It is just showing as "shipped" with NO tracking (even though there is a valid tracking number for the shipment).

tyler@ebay responded on 5-19

there's a ticket that was opened up overnight and is being worked on currently, but I'm not certain it's the same thing that you're reporting. I'm going to pin it to the top of the Tech issues board - would you mind reviewing it and letting me know if what you're encountering is different?
[RESOLVED] Known Issue: Tracking Number Not Displaying In Seller Hub
What is it? Some members may be experiencing an issue where tracking information is not being displayed within the Seller Hub. Is there a workaround? Clicking the “Add Tracking” button will populate the tracking information. (Please see comment below) What should I do if I’m impacted? If you are…

However, that post seems to have been marked "resolved" and unpinned now, despite multiple reports that the workaround suggested didn't work and the issue is ongoing.


Everything shipped this morning that showed tracking a few hours ago is now appearing without tracking. It's definitely getting worse.


This is happening to us as well. When you go to "Purchase History" page it is not showing tracking for certain items we bought. About half of the orders, some are still there and some have disappeared.

However when I click "View Order Details" I can find the tracking history for all of the items. It just isn't showing up under the purchase history section.


Hi tyler@ebay

Thank you for the pinned response on the Tech issues board. However, the workaround that that you suggest, "Clicking the "Add Tracking" button will populate the tracking information" does not resolve the issue. When we click on the "Add Tracking" button, the tracking number is there but will not save or update as others have mentioned.

In addition, orders that were shipped yesterday (Tuesday 05/18/2021) and had the tracking numbers visible yesterday are now showing NO tracking.

Please advise

As of 5-25 this issue still has not been resolved


Has this been fixed for you guys? I still have 9 orders between May 10-16 that aren't displaying tracking info.

I contacted CS and they said-

I'm working with IT to get it displayed for you again on your end, bear with me, they should all start showing up soon and for new orders to be shipped it should not be an issue.

That was a couple days ago but the tracking still isn't showing on those 9 orders.


I actually reached out again this morning wondering the same thing, as we still have hundreds of orders from recent weeks that are showing as if they were shipped without tracking.

I was told the following: 'I checked the status of the ticket related to this issue and it looks like it has been resolved as of May 19th. This issue has been resolved for transactions going forward from the fix. This was a cosmetic issue and should not affect your seller performance. If for some reason you do see any defects pertaining to this issue please let us know. Thank you for being a valued member of ebay. Hope you have a wonderful day.'


tyler@ebay- Can you please clarify what's going on with this? Tracking was restored on about 25 orders, but it's still not displaying on 9 of them from May 10-16- for the above poster it's affecting hundreds of orders!

CS told me, "I'm working with IT to get it displayed for you again on your end, bear with me, they should all start showing up soon and for new orders to be shipped it should not be an issue."

However days later, this isn't fixed. It's not affecting new shipments, but will these other orders from the past few weeks be fixed?

There has been no further response from tyler@ebay since 5-19-21.  In light of the workaround not working and the issue still not actually being fixed, it's disappointing that eBay staff marked the dedicated thread about it as "resolved" and stopped responding.

Have you been affected by this glitch? Let me know in the comments below!

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