It appears eBay has launched a new buyer loyalty program in stealth mode.  I've seen no official announcement, but have been seeing increasing references to the eBay Top Star program across social media.

The official page for the program is light on details:

Interested in joining our invite-only program, Top Star?

Even if you have an eBay login you might not have received an invitation to Top Star, but it’s not too late to let us know you want to join.

Top Star | eBay

The Interest Survey shows this program is being targeted to buyers in categories eBay is currently promoting heavily - Sneakers, Handbags, Watches, & Trading Cards.

Another interesting note - it appears one perk of Top Star status may be exclusive access or "first chance" sales on new releases and hot items!

This Reddit user reported being blocked from purchasing a pair of shoes with a message that states "We know this is a great find, but this item can only be purchased by Top Star members."

What is this? Tried to buy a pair of shoes. from Ebay

I'll update as more details become available.  Let me know what you think of the eBay Top Star Program in the comments below!