eBay Partners With SOARR To Bolster Commercial Truck & Trailer Business

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay has entered a strategic partnership with SOARR Solutions to bolster sales of commercials trucks and trailers on the platform.

This collaboration aims to empower SOARR dealers by providing them access to eBay Motors' platform, where they can list vehicles with comprehensive specifications and thorough data leveraging SOARRs diagnostic products, inventory expertise, technical capabilities, and dealer relationships.

SOARR CEO Ethan Nadolson says, “Our partnership with eBay Motors marks a significant step forward in our continuous journey. We've created the industry's premier digital workflow that guides a dealer from inventory inspection to management, advertising, and financing. By seamlessly integrating detailed inspection data, specifications, photos, and condition information, we enhance the efficacy of eBay Motors. This ensures our dealers offer transparent listings, attracting more qualified leads."

“eBay Motors is unflinchingly committed to delivering a streamlined shopping journey for our community,” adds Junior Queen, head of business development at eBay Motors. “Aligning with SOARR’s industry-leading expertise assures that our commercial truck and trailer category will experience unparalleled progression, efficiently bridging sellers with authentic buyers.”

eBay also highlighted the partnership while appearing as presenting sponsor at the Used Truck Association convention in Texas earlier this month.


At eBay Motors, the world’s largest online marketplace, we’ve redefined the game in the world of commercial trucks. Partnering with the industry’s frontrunner, SOARR, we’ve taken our commitment to excellence to new heights.

Our exclusive collaboration with SOARR brings game-changing enhancements to the eBay Motors experience for truck dealers. With their advanced diagnostic and inspection tools, vast truck expertise, and dealer-focused approach, we’re poised to revolutionize your listings. As eBay Motors’ sole commercial truck partner, SOARR opens doors to unparalleled opportunities for your success.

eBay Motors isn’t just a platform; it’s a powerhouse of online traffic. Our savvy shoppers are 25% more likely to seal the deal compared to those on any other site, as 1 in 4 buyers exclusively explores eBay Motors. In today’s digital age, transparency and a seamless online journey are non-negotiable, and that’s precisely what we offer.

The partnership sounds very similar to the deal eBay made with heavy equipment marketplace Bidadoo earlier this year as part of eBay's efforts to bring Motors categories into their vertical focus strategy.

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