eBay Sellers & Buyers Continue To Experience Technical Difficulties

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


So far July has been a rough month for both buyers and sellers experiencing technical issues on eBay and we're only 5 days in.

It started with reports of listings disappearing and sold auctions being moved to "unsold" as there were possible latency issues causing delays.

Sellers Report eBay Listings Disappearing
eBay Sellers report Good Til Canceled listings are disappearing when they are supposed to renew.

Buyers also reported experiencing problems with searches, especially the Advanced Search function and searching within seller's stores.

eBay Search Problems Reported
In addition to the tech problems reported by sellers , it also appears eBay is having major problems with their site search as well.

It appears there are technical problems being reported affecting other areas of the site as well.


Not able to leave Feedback
Can not leave Feedback and keep getting error message “We ran into a problem saving your feedback. Please close the page and try again.” Same error message if trying to Use Custom Feedback or Use Stored Feedback. Have tried many times for past several hours.
Feedback and other technical issues
I have not been able to leave feedback for my buyers for 3 days. Also if I try to archive a sale it disappears. I called eBay 2 weeks ago on the archive problem trying to archive a sale. I Was told it would be fixed in 48 hours, the item is still not in my archive or sales shipped but can be access…
Cannot leave feedback for some of my Buyers
Recently I am having a problem leaving feedback for some of my Buyers. This is on two different desktops and a laptop. The problem seems isolated to Buyers who purchased one or more different items from me in one transaction and then left me positive feedback for all the items, all at once. The err…
Bug with Leaving Feedback
I left feedback for 3 buyers and clicked through my random stored feedback before I realized that eBay had added one. In German. “Meine gespeicherten Kommentare nach dem Zufallsprinzip den einzelnen Käufern zuordnen” (Google Translation: Randomly assign my saved comments to the individual buyers…

The last one is particularly disconcerting.  Sellers have been reporting seeing random languages on the feedback page and other places since at least May. It would appear eBay has not fixed that problem yet.


Can’t respond to messages
I received a message today and can’t respond back to it! I’ve tried on my Mac (Google Chrome) and my phone. It’s frustrating because a buyer wants to make an offer for something I’m selling.
Can not send message
I have found no solution to my issue on the community forum. I have been trying to send a message to a buyer for the last day. I keep getting the message “You have exceeded the maximum number of messages you can send. Please wait 24 hours to send more messages.” Fact is that I have sent no messages …
“Contact buyer” function stopped working.
"Contact buyer" function stopped working.
eBay Communication Glitch. Anyone else having this problem?
As a buyer I’m having communication problems with the seller, I can not reply to his messages (4 in total). Anyone else having this problem? No link to reply, not even on the resolution center. The only option is to wait until July 2 to ask eBay to step in.
Emailing on eBay
What does this mean when I try to contact a buyer and that previously purchased from me. This buyer has has an active store on eBay. I’ve try to message them via their current listings, and it get the same message.
Please forgive my lack of knowledge here. Don’t even know if I picked right board . I can not reply to a message , when I click on the reply tab , it takes me to my summary page . I have searched thru the forums and found , if you go to your regular email page and reply , that this works . Not fo…

Multi-User Account Access

Multi-user account failure
The multi-user account invitation that eBay sends to a potential account employee leads back to an eBay “we looked everywhere” error page or to a “you are not authorized to view this page” message. Accept Invite link: https://www.ebay.com/actexp/user/acctlist/access/AQADAAAAIP....

Ending Listings

Ending item links all broken
So I have an item that has to be ended because of a mistake in the listing . Every end your item link on the site leads to a page not found page . Come on ebay get you act together.
Why Can’t I End Listings Any More?
I tried to end a listing today. Could not. the screen keeps saying they can’t find that page. Right. Needless to say I could get in bad trouble if a listing remains on ebay and sells and I do not have the item any more. Have other sellers been able to end listings recently ? It i…

Creating & Revising Listings

Odd “Access denied” Image When Listing
I thought this was just a temporary glitch but I went to revise this listing and the image was still there next to the right of the listing price box. The item listed normally. Anyone seen anything like this before?
I’m getting this message when creating new listings. It does for every other new listing (1/2 go thru, 1/2 don’t). I have it as a draft but it never gets listed! Any tips? Yes, cleaned cookies on Chrome. Thanks
Keep getting error page when trying to update some of my listings
Hoping someone can help. I have contacted eBay support over a week ago and they are telling me the issue has been submitted to their tech department, however nothing has changed and I can’t update some of my listings including removing stock (a size) I no longer have or adjusting price. All my listi…

Log In Issues

I’m tired of logging into my account every 30 minutes and playing stupid Captcha games..
Does eBay want my money or not? How am I supposed to be productive on the site when I am constantly being forced to log in and lose work in the process? Tried getting help from support and they just treated my like I’m an idiot. Granted eBay support is worthless, they just exist to get you off th…

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