eBay Promoted Listings Ad Fees Not Credited On Refunds

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


If you've used eBay Promoted Listings any time in the last 2 months, heads up - check your account to see if you got ad fee credits for refunded orders.

eBay is sending out notices to some sellers, quietly admitting to a billing blunder that lasted over a month, preventing crediting of ad fees when orders were refunded.

Recently, we learned that a system issue was preventing some Promoted Listings Standard fees from being credited to yoru account when you initiated a refund for an item sold through your ad.

As a result, you will see multiple credits referred to as "Ad Fee Standard" on the next update of your tax invoice statement for affected transactions between the time period of 1 August and 6 September, 2022.

This system error has been resolved and moving forward you will automatically receive the "Ad Fee Standard" credit for refunds you issue on items sold through Promoted Listings

This is the second major "system issue" reported with Promoted Listings this week.

What Happened To eBay Promoted Listings Impressions & Views?
eBay sellers report Promoted Listings impressions & views have disappeared from Seller Hub reports.

The other impacted the display of Promoted impressions and views in ad and traffic reports in Seller Hub.

We are experiencing a system issue affecting the reporting of clicks and impressions. The historical data reflected on your advertising dashboard may be incorrect. We are currently working on a fix.

Is anyone else a little nervous that the systems involved in tracking and billing for Promoted Listings are having so many issues?

Sellers have often called out eBay's opaque ad attribution and billing that basically boils down to "because eBay said so."

When it comes to trying to figure out whether or not you are accurately paying only for actual sales made from Promoted Listings ads, the unfortunate answer is we just have trust what eBay tells us, because there is no way for us to verify the data ourselves.

These kinds of issues certainly don't do much to bolster that trust, especially when eBay attempts to keep them quiet with email notices and banners in Seller Hub instead of a public announcement in the eBay community. ๐Ÿคจ

Are you missing Promoted Listings ad credits for refunded eBay orders? Let us know in the comments below!

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