eBay Listing Tool Changes Frustrate Sellers With Additional Clicks To Manage Images

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Unannounced changes to the eBay desktop listing tool are frustrating sellers as photo management tasks that used to take a single click now require multiple additional steps.

Previously, there was a convenient "Remove All" option or if you hovered over an individual image, there was a trash can icon in the upper right - both of which would allow you to delete images with one click when needed.

This efficient design has now been replaced for some users, with a new version that is not at all optimized for the standard seller workflow.

What once was a single click to "Remove All" is now a three click process - first on "Edit", then the "Select All" check box on the other side of the screen, and then back to "Delete."

To remove a single image, instead of the single click on the trash can icon, now sellers have to hover and click on three dots, then on "Delete."

Not all users are seeing this new experience yet, so it could be a test or phased rollout, but the ones who are seeing it say it is an unnecessary change to their workflow that makes the listing process longer and less efficient.

Listing tool update causes 3x more clicks to remove all pics!?- are we going down this road again???
Yesterday my listing tool updated and now the “picture box” has a new design that is surrounded by a dotted line ands they removed the ultra convenient “Remove all pictures” button from the top right corner. Now you must hover over the corner to get an “edit” prompt to appear, then click it. Th…

Come on- this is just getting completely ridiculous now. We already had this fight with ebay when this tool rolled out 2 years ago to absolute hatred. Why is ebay making it take longer to do SIMPLE tasks again.

It is not industry standard to make a one click feature take 4 clicks instead!

Is the design team getting paid by how many extra clicks they add to the desktop experience? Full time sellers use desktops. All ebay employees use desktops, all companies use desktops to conduct business- we need the listing tool to act like a real tool optimized for business like we used to have with the classic tool.

If we are futzing around wasting time clicking here and there constantly- we are not adding new listings to ebay- what dont they get about that?

This "update" is so annoying and time consuming! Frustrating is the emotion I'm feeling when I go to start listing.

Another seller noted this new design is particularly problematic for them when using the "Sell Similar" functionality.

Sell Similar - Remove Images Not There
What Happened to the Remove Images when you use the sell similar feature. I listed this morning and it was there and working fine. As of 6:13 EST, 4/4/24 it’s not there.

What Happened to the Remove Images when you use the sell similar feature. I listed this morning and it was there and working fine. As of 6:13 EST, 4/4/24 it's not there.

Many sellers will use the "Sell Similar" option as a shortcut when they have multiple similar items to list, basically using an existing listing as a template (with category, item specifics, shipping and other information already filled in), then just changing the pictures, title and description as needed.

This new layout now adds multiple extra clicks and mouse movements to remove existing images when choosing "Sell Similar", negating some of the time savings sellers previously had with that shortcut.

While it may not seem significant when looking at a single listing, over hundreds or thousands of listings those clicks and extra second add up - and as these seller comments indicate, there does not appear to be any good reason or positive benefit to changing the design in this way.

What do you think of this eBay Listing Tool design test/change? Let us know in the comments below!

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