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UPDATE 8-12-21:  This appears to be a continuing, ongoing issue.

My available free listings(250)does not go down when I list???
I really have no real idea how many items I’ve listed this month but it remains at where it begun, 250. I know I deleted like 170+ listings at the beginning of the month to try in vain to generate sales and the other day I deleted 3 to alter the shipping. I know what you’re thinking, did he fire…

A seller asked about it in the community chat on 8/11:

Re: Community Chat, August 11 @ 1:00 pm PT - General Topics
Good afternoon! I have an issue that I have been dealing with this month. The counters which show the number of used/remaining fixed price and auction listings continue showing that I’ve used 0/1000 and 0/250 listings, although I’ve used both. Any idea when these counters will be working again? …

eBay community staff responded

This is a known technical issue, but I don't have an estimated time of resolution to provide you. If you've already been added to the open ticket by CS that will help. If you still need to be added give me an example item number you saw this happen with and I'll get the info updated!

I've seen several posts on the eBay Community Technical Issues board indicating eBay may not be updating the count of Zero Insertion Fee Listings correctly.

Selling Promotions count not updating
The “Selling Promotions” count function is “stuck” on my account also. eBay gives me 250 free listings in July. I know I posted 208 leaving 42 free promotions left. eBay’s count is stuck at 113 free listings left. Simple math. If eBay can’t technically count listings, how do I know I’ve been pa…
Promotional Offers NOT being updated
Any one else having a problem with Promotional Offers NOT being listed? I have been listing auctions for 2 days, and it is not updating to show how many more I have to list. Contacted EBAY 2 times to no avail. So what else is new? They NEVER solve a problem!
overview not changing for how many promotional items I have left to list for free.
overview not changing for how many promotional items I have left to list for free.

eBay sellers can receive anywhere from 200 - 100,000 Zero Insertion Fee listings per month, depending on several factors like store subscription level and categories.

If a seller exceeds their monthly allotment of Zero Insertion Fee listings, they will be charged anywhere from $0.05 - $0.30 per additional listing, again depending on store subscription level.

That may not seem like a lot of money, but it can add up quickly.  Many sellers try to carefully plan the timing of their listings to make sure they get the most benefit out of the Zero Insertion Fee offers without going over their allotment and incurring additional fees.

Those sellers typically depend on the running total of how many listings they have used and how many they have left that eBay displays in Seller Hub.

But what if that number isn't updating accurately and sellers inadvertently go over their monthly limit? Several sellers in those posts asked this same question.

I just noticed mine hasn't changed from the last time I posted auctions...still says I have 71 free listings left.

I thought for sure I was going over my limit this month but saw I had all those left & thought I must've miscounted last week. Now I'm posting new auctions today & see it isn't moving.

I budget myself & make adjustments & now I have no idea how many are actually left. I hope they don't whack us with all these insertion fees when they fix the problem they caused.

Yes, the "Selling Promotions" count function is stuck on my account also. I know I posted 200+ items in July leaving 40+ free promotions left. eBay's count is stuck at 113 free listings left. If eBay can't technically count listings, how do I know I've been paid properly?????

These reports are also concerning because they echo similar problems eBay has had in recent months with end of the month system latency issues.

These latency issues seem to cause delays in several key areas like updating Zero Insertion Fee counts, renewing Good Til Canceled listings, and changing the status of successfully completed auctions from "unsold" to "sold".

Sellers Report eBay Listings Disappearing
eBay Sellers report Good Til Canceled listings are disappearing when they are supposed to renew.

While I haven't seen recent reports of the Good Til Canceled or auction issues yet, I'll be keeping an eye out to see if more of these types of problems bubble up over the next few days as July comes to a close.

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