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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay is kicking off a new "Ask Me About" series in the community forum with a dedicated discussion topic all about Product Research (formerly Terapeak) - but sellers have only a few hours to get their questions posted!

The discussion series is being promoted as a replacement for the previously regular monthly chat that was discontinued in February, with some important differences.

ASK ME ABOUT: Product Research (formerly known as Terapeak)
Hello Everyone, We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new interactive series, which is set to take the place of our former “Monthly Chat with eBay Staff” program. This series is designed to bring you closer to the heart of eBay’s operations and provide you with insider insights that c…

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new interactive series, which is set to take the place of our former "Monthly Chat with eBay Staff" program. This series is designed to bring you closer to the heart of eBay's operations and provide you with insider insights that can help grow your business.

Our introductory session will focus on the topic of product research. Product research is now available on mobile, and you can find more information here. We're excited to have our dedicated Product Research Team on board to field your questions and share their expertise.

Here's how you can participate:

Submit Your Questions by May 9th: You have until Thursday, May 9th, to reply to this post and submit your questions about product research. This is your chance to get personalized advice straight from the source.

Answers Provided Next Week: The Product Research Team will compile their responses and provide comprehensive answers to your queries next week.

One seller rightfully called out that if sellers can only post initial questions, but not follow up questions or comments, the experience isn't exactly a "discussion" and sought clarification about how this new format will actually look.

Not to sound too picky here, but in terms of "discussion" and "conversation": will there be an opportunity for readers to post responses to the "comprehensive answers to your queries next week"? It's not really a dialogue otherwise; it's more like an FAQ if we can only post questions in advance and then read whatever is issued as a response in the following week.

Unfortunately, eBay community staff confirmed that there will be no opportunity to follow up within the dedicated topic - sellers will need to create a new post and hope that staff engages with them if there are any additional questions or comments.

This will operate similar to the prior monthly chat. Once we closed it after the hour we requested that any follow up questions be posted to the appropriate board with a tag to one or all community members, so that will be what is advised here as well . We will then get it passed to the team to get answered.

eBay just announced the availability of Product Research in the mobile app experience as part of the Spring Seller update, so this Ask Me About section is likely to be heavily tilted toward how Product Research can be used in the app to help sellers when sourcing on the go.

Product Research will provide:

  • Key metrics like actual sold price (including the accepted price for Best Offer listings), average sold price, sold price range, percent sold with free shipping / avg. shipping, and number of sellers who have sold the product with sell-through rate, additional trend graphs, and active listings coming soon.
  • Price trend graph showing average sold data for the item over time.
  • Search using keywords, UPCs, MPN, or ISBN
  • Advanced filters and search by category, item condition, or selling format.
  • Search up to three years of data
  • Select “Exclude listing” to remove items in search results that aren’t the same as your item.
  • Sort by highest to lowest price sold, by date sold (most or least recently), or by shipping costs (lowest or highest).
  • Use “Sell one like this” to list your item and pre-populate fields

What questions or comments do you have about the eBay Product Research? Let us know in the comments below!

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