eBay Australia Targets Enthusiasts With "Everyone Has A Thing" Ad Campaign

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay Australia looks to appeal to enthusiast buyers with new Everyone Has A Thing ad campaign, reimagining My Favorite Things for a new generation.

ebay’s ‘Everyone has a Thing’ via Special Australia - AdNews
Featuring the reinvention of a much-beloved song.

eBay has returned to its heritage of connecting with passionate buyers, resulting in a new brand campaign which includes the reinvention of a much-beloved song.

Rebecca Newton, CMO at eBay Australia, said after 24 vibrant years in the Australian market, it's rediscovering its roots and going back to where it all began.

“The new brand platform brings together eBay’s new marketing strategy while staying true to the very essence of eBay which is to connect people and their passions by fueling their ‘Thing’," said Newton.

“eBay is shaped by its diverse community of buyers and sellers. We are celebrating these passions and showcasing how eBay helps foster those deep connections with the things people love and the communities that surround them.”

As part of the transformation, eBay engaged FutureBrand Australia to reimagine eBay’s brand strategy in the Australian market. The revised strategy connects the brand and business strategy - aligning eBay’s purpose with experience to drive growth.

Unfortunately, like many of eBay's ad campaigns over the last few years, the messaging is geared toward the "vertical focus strategy", mostly featuring sneakers, handbags, trading cards, motors parts and accessories, refurbished electronics and pre-loved fashion.

Many sellers have held up eBay's "It" commercials from the early 2000's as an example of the kind of campaign they'd prefer to see today - one that highlights the wide variety of items on the site rather that just the focus verticals and reminds buyers that whatever they are looking for, they can find "it" on eBay.

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