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Amazon has a new service coming in 2023 to help sellers solve supply chain struggles - Amazon Warehousing & Distribution.

Amazon announces new service to help solve supply chain challenges for sellers
Amazon Warehousing & Distribution provides low-cost, long-term storage that gives sellers the option to store their inventory in Amazon distribution centers and seamlessly replenish to fulfillment centers

For many businesses, managing logistics and operations—such as inventory storage, distribution and order fulfillment—is a source of complexity and cost. These challenges have only been amplified in recent years as constrained supply chains caused global inventory backups and fulfillment challenges.

In fact, a recent survey of U.S. Amazon sellers showed the three biggest pain points for sellers in upstream warehousing and distribution operations are high prices for storage, complicated fee structures, and insufficient storage capacity.

With this simple pay-as-you-go service, sellers are free from the time-consuming, cumbersome process of moving inventory from upstream facilities to Amazon fulfillment centers. AWD makes the promise of supply chain as a service a reality and is specifically designed to solve inventory management challenges and deliver operational efficiencies.

Amazon promises a simple, one click integration and simplified pricing to help reduce storage costs, allowing sellers to send their inventory to Amazon Distribution Centers and integrate upstream inventory storage operations with the Amazon Fulfillment Network.

Sellers using AWD can simply operations by consolidating their global inventory into one pool, which can be viewed and managed on Seller Central. And in 2023, sellers will be able to use AWD to send their inventory to any location, including to wholesale customers or brick-and-mortar stores.

Amazon is expected to release more details about Amazon Warehousing & Distribution at its annual seller conference, Amazon Accelerate, being held in Seattle on September 14-15 2022.

Amazon Accelerate 2022

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