Amazon Will Now Display Images From Multiple Sellers On Product Pages

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Amazon has announced starting January 31, product pages will display multiple images provided by multiple selling partners, raising concerns about inaccurate pictures and ASIN hijacking.

Images from multiple selling partners to be displayed on product pages

Effective January 31, product detail pages for hardlines product types may display images from multiple selling partners to help customers make informed purchase decisions.

Each product detail page should have at least three required images: one with the product on a white background, one with the product in an environment, and one with size and fit information.

Previously, product detail pages displayed images from one selling partner.

With this change, if required images are missing from the product detail page, images from multiple selling partners or Amazon will be added when available.

To remove an incorrect image, contact Selling Partner Support.

To learn more about image requirements, how to add an image, and how to troubleshoot potential issues go to:

  • Product image requirements
  • Add product images and video
  • Images not appearing on the detail page
  • Image issues

Sellers shared their thoughts in the Amazon community

Amazon should only allow pictures provided by the brand owner. Are you saying that any seller can now submit pictures that could violate licensee/licensor agreements that dictate how products are shown, logos are used, etc.? Any seller can submit pictures that could potentially be inaccurate or misleading? Only the brand owner should have the ability to load the images. Amazon should reconsider this decision.

"To remove an incorrect image, contact Selling Partner Support [knowing full well that only the brand owner can make changes to a detail page, which means you'll only end up banging your head against a wall, but it does make us laugh!]"

I realize this sounds like a great idea, and I would even agree that pages need to have images just like this.

The bottom line though is that Amazon's "multi contributor" policy has long been the cause of ASIN Hijacking. This will just help.

MAYBE ... Amazon could at the very least start with a notice to the winning contributor on a given ASIN to add the required images before making this a free for all. ??

What do you think of Amazon allowing multiple sellers to contribute product images? Let us know in the comments below!

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