Amazon Opens Product Videos To Non-Brand Registered Sellers

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Amazon is encouraging sellers to add product videos to listings, opening the feature up to Non-Brand Registered Sellers who have been selling on the platform for at least 3 months.

The expansion of video capability was announced in the Amazon seller forums:

Add videos to your listings to help improve sales

You can now add video content to your product pages if you’ve been selling on Amazon for three months or longer. Adding video content can help you boost sales, improve conversion, and decrease returns.

Both brand-registered and non-brand-registered sellers can add videos.

Video has become a core part of the shopping experience. Customers use video to discover products, make informed purchasing decisions, and engage with creators and communities they trust.

You can add video content for each step of the customer journey, including product demonstrations, installation guides, and set-up videos. To get more out of your existing content, consider reposting short-form social media or website videos on your Amazon listings or brand pages.

Good production quality doesn't have to mean high budget. Instead, focus on creating clear and authentic video content.

To get started, go to our video upload page. You’ll find instructions, troubleshooting help, and best practices to help you maximize video placements.

Amazon also offered some tips and tricks to help sellers create engaging video content.

When you add videos to your product detail pages, you get to educate and inspire your customers. This can help them make a buying decision—and ultimately, drive conversion and sales for you. But what makes a good detail page video?

We’ve got three tips to get you started:

  • Good quality does not equal high budget. Your detail page video doesn’t need to look like a Hollywood production. Customers don’t need special effects or fancy scripts. Just be sure to check your lighting, background, and audio before uploading.
  • Consider repurposing your social and brand content. Review your social media and brand website videos to see if you can leverage your existing content for your product detail pages. Tell your product and brand story beyond the descriptions on the page.
  • Keep it real. Authenticity is key when creating your Amazon video content. Focus on keeping your content informative, demonstrative, and above all else, authentic. Don’t use commercial-like videos or promotional and paid testimonials. Customers know the difference between ads and actual product information—and when they’re on the detail page, it’s important to keep the focus on the product.

What’s the best type of detail page videos?

Customers will use your detail page videos to help them make a more informed buying decision. So we recommend creating videos that help to educate your customer and highlight the benefits of your product.

Some suggested formats include:

  • Storytelling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Social media lifestyle
  • How-to & Try-ons
  • Unboxing
  • Product setup
  • Product review
  • Product demonstration

Sellers had additional questions about what this new announcement means for them, but so far Amazon community staff have not responded with answers.

if am selling Arbitrage products /wholesale products (not my own Brand)

can I add more videos for that products ...?

for example, I purchased online some products from Walmart for arbitrage sale on Amazon, now before sending them to the FBA Amazon store I got the product from the courier, opened that item, and make a fine video so that customer can clearly see each and every attribution of the product.. like color, size, quality of packing, etc, it will help customers about wise purchase decisions

so can I upload such videos for online purchased arbitrage products?

can I upload videos with music or that have like my TikTok watermark name handle?

The push to spruce up listing pages with video content comes as both Amazon and sellers are preparing for the annual Prime Day event - exact dates have not been announced yet but speculation is swirling it will be on or around July 12.


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