Etsy Technical Issues 5-23-22

Liz Morton
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Etsy status board is now reflecting systems have stabilized and they are actively monitoring status.

Our systems have now stabilized, we're actively monitoring their status
Posted 7 minutes ago. May 23, 2022 - 13:49 UTC

Etsy's status board is showing there are technical issues on the site this morning and Down Detector is showing a spike in reports for Etsy as well.

We've identified the issue and are actively monitoring the situation
Posted 30 minutes ago. May 23, 2022 - 12:12 UTC

We are experiencing some issues with the site
Posted 1 hour ago. May 23, 2022 - 11:29 UTC

While the system status page didn't give specifics, I'm seeing reports of problems with printing shipping labels, creating listings, editing store details, and check out.

SO slow. I also had a weird error when I printed shipping labels. "2 labels failed to purchase" however ALL labels were actually purchased.. Also can't access my "custom listing" that I printed a label for. I wanted to double check that I had all the details of the customization before I ship, but I can no longer see any details of the order, just shows "sorry this item is unavailable". (and it isn't in my "sold out" listings or anything either...

Messages aren't loading correctly. Can't see previous messages in an ongoing thread. Labels won't all print. Very laggy

Yes, it’s also slow for trying to buy anything. I tried to add something to my cart and got an error page.

The ETSY shipping label system just reported, "You just purchased zero labels" and a return to the orders page shows the order has disappeared. No shipping labels were shown so none could be printed/purchased. Where did the label go? Why did my order disappear? How do I get the shipping label that the ETSY system did not create and marked as not purchased?

Stats are not working properly. It shows 100 views everywhere (on my computer). On the Seller app are not showing at all.

Loads of glitches, can't edit, list or renew. Stats are up the creek and everything is sooooo slow, lots of woopsi pages!

I'll update as more information becomes available - in the mean time, if you're experiencing these or other glitches on Etsy today, let us know in the comments below!

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