Etsy Errors Moving Order Status To In Progress Or Completed

Liz Morton
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UPDATE: This issue has been marked as resolved in the Etsy community:

[RESOLVED] Seller unable to move new orders to Custom Progress Step.

Hello everyone! This issue has been resolved.

If you are still encountering troubles adjusting the status of your order, please try clearing your cache and deleting your Etsy-related cookies.

Etsy sellers are experiencing errors when trying to change order status to in process or completed.

There are multiple posts on the Etsy community Technical Issues board.

I keep getting the : "Hmm something went wrong, try refreshing or contact Support" message .. all it is is that I can't move my New Orders into an In Progress section.

Tried refreshing, clearing cache and logging out etc and of course clicking the Support button as Etsy suggest just takes me to general pages rather than actual support. Has anybody had this issue today?

I am having the same issue and it is really affecting organization I have also reported it by speaking with Etsy but they only forwarded the issue to the technical team. Hopefully it is resolved soon and I hope it doesn't affect orders going from 'in progress' to 'completed/shipped'. That would be horrible!

The error also seems to be impacted moving orders to completed or shipped as well.

Same problem with this one moving from open to complete.

I generated 12 labels but this one had an error pop up. The label was paid for, but it didn't print with the other 11 so I went to the receipt and printed it. That's all good, but this order will not update as complete.

I've tried entering the actual tracking number again and marking as complete and entering NO tracking number and both times it remains as 'open'.

Hopefully, it will move over to complete on its own; if not and IT figures out the problem, I would appreciate a nudge over to complete or a notification that I can successfully manually update the progress.

I can't mark my orders as shipped on the website or app. It says complete but they are still in my open orders.

Since yesterday afternoon, May 5, 2022, cannot update order status to any order via Chrome and Safari browsers. Cleared caches still does not work. I have separate statuses for in production, proofing etc, along with complete order and Etsy is giving a red bar across top when trying to update.

A community specialist posted a sticky topic showing the issue is currently under investigation.

[INVESTIGATING] Seller unable to move new orders to Custom Progress Step.

We are currently looking into this issue and will provide updates when available. Thank you for your patience!

I'll update this post as soon as more information is available - in the mean time, if you're experiencing this issue, let us know in the comments below!

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