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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


In a rare display of candor and openness to public feedback, eBay has been soliciting constructive criticism and suggestions about the sneakers experience on Twitter.

Sneakerheads were mostly positive with their comments and the most common criticism or suggestions centered around eBay's policy of blocking messages between buyers and sellers, the new $14.95 FedEx only shipping program for authenticated sneakers and fees.

Here's some of what sellers had to say:

Don’t remove the ability for sellers to decide which carrier they ship with. Forcing everyone to use fedex is a terrible idea and will make it a bad experience for everyone. Do not become stockx. If you start removing seller freedom then there’s no point for us to sell on ebay

Don’t switch to FedEx. I don’t live near a FedEx site and will switch to another platform. Also, customers don’t trust FedEx as much. Lastly, continue doing calculated shipping. $15 for shipping is more than the majority of my customers’ shipping rates ($8-9).

My one problem is the new listings are to be shipped using ONLY FedEx. No other choice available which brings light to the question...
How much shares of $FDX does the board of eBay hold?
You used to have a choice. Not it is only FedEx for shipping.

Allow sellers to choose different shipping carriers. Fedex and UPS are way out of the way. Remove seller fees from shipping costs and/or tax. Fees should only be on the cost of the sneaker sold.

For the seller, can there be some kind of reward system to provide lower seller fees if more sales are completed. Kind of like seller levels, and this will encourage more selling on your platform.

Charge fees on selling price not on after tax price.

Lower the fees for long time sellers (not only store owners) who have a stellar selling record

I can’t trust your authenticators when there’s no public information detailing their process for determining whether or not a product is authentic. @AskeBay issued me two partial refund after I proved my sneakers were not authenticated. I should’ve been given a full refund.

Let us send updates to buyer while the shoes are in transit to the authenticator!!

Make people add Payment info when making an offer so if accepted, payment is automatically charged. Too many flaky buyers that have no repercussions for not paying for an item.

Have some type of system that reprimands the buyer if they don’t pay the funds after x amount of days. There is penalty for the seller if they don’t ship it out within a certain amount of days and the same should be done for the buyer

More seller incentives please!! 0 fees was great! To stay ahead of Goat and Stockx this is huge!!

I’m a big time seller on the EBay platform. My three biggest issues are with buyers not paying after purchasing an item, having to pay fees on the after tax price and not the sale price, and having to ship to Las Vegas authentication and not always the Astoria location.

Be able to message the buyer/seller while going through authentication guarantee

I think it's wonderful to see eBay engaging with sellers this way - hopefully they take some of that feedback to heart!

If eBay had a public suggestion box like this for all categories, not just sneakers, what would you tell them? Let us know in the comments below!

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