eBay Simplifies Shipping Badges -Sellers Report Glitches

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay announced last week that it would be simplifying the way listings with fast shipping speeds are shown to buyers on the platform.

What’s Changing?

eBay is doing away with the “Fast n Free” badge and replacing it with a new badge that highlights the shipping speed.

The Fast ‘N Free badge highlighted listings with shipping speeds of 4 business days or less, but didn’t include any other details that buyers look for. To help your fast shipping speeds stand out to buyers, we’re updating Fast ‘N Free to a simpler, more informative design.

This updated shipping message will include shipping speed, from next day up to 4 business days. The way we estimate delivery dates isn’t changing, and is still based on your handling time, location, and the delivery services you offer.

Also interesting to note that eBay has changed the wording for listings that qualify for guaranteed delivery from “Guaranteed by” to “Get it by”.

eBays FAQ about the new simplified shipping badges says:

The “get it by” promise is better aligned with delivery expectations set by sellers and logistics networks.

Sellers Report Glitches With Delivery Estimates

Just a few short days after the Simplified Shipping Badges announcement, multiple sellers are reporting problems with how estimated delivery dates are displaying on their listings as well as carriers and service levels offered.

There is some speculation part of this glitch could be incorrectly applying a Service Metrics Penalty for Items Not Received.

It’s not entirely clear if these issues are connected to eBay’s new Simplified Shipping Badges, but the timing certainly begs the question.

Another seller confided in me that they lost their Top Rated Seller status due to an eBay bug which was not recognizing some uploaded tracking numbers. They said there were multiple wrongly identified defects found on their late shipment report as well.

When they contacted eBay support about these issues, they were told the erroneous defects can be removed, but a “new eBay rule” limits eBay support to removing only 3 defects per day and the seller would need to call back multiple days in a row to have them all removed. The seller was also told they are only allowed to call eBay support one time per day.

The only other option they were given was to go through all the defects,  document the mistakes and email Anchor support with the list of defects to be reviewed.

CEO Jamie Iannone has touted his “tech led reimagination” to investors and media saying his vision is to “make eBay the partner of choice for sellers and build lifelong, trusted buyer relationships.”

Providing support to sellers through transitions and changes to the platform will be a critical part of executing that vision - is eBay up to the task?

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