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I've been seeing reports of eBay shipping location problems popping up on the community and across social media.

Some sellers are experiencing a glitch with eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) settings.  These sellers are showing GSP enabled locations on their listings, but on the backend eBay is automatically blocking certain locations.

Affected sellers report even when they uncheck the boxes and try to save, eBay is reverting back to having these locations blocked which is preventing buyers from these locations from checking out.

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I had a few auctions and a few buyers were messaging me that they were not allowed to bid up as their locations were being blocked. I have it set to ship anywhere global shipping allows but eBay keeps changing to exclusions no matter how many times I try to fix it. They said no one else reported thi…
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There also appears to be a longstanding issue that sometimes shows the error message "item does not ship to you" on Seller Initiated, Second Chance and Best Offers.

Item does not ship to you?
I just went to make a counteroffer to a sellers offer and when the box showed up to Review counteroffer it says the item does not ship to me. If it doesn’t ship to me who or where does it ship to? The items location shows it as being in TN and the seller is shown as being a member since 2002 in the …
Ebay has a software problem not allowing people who receive a second chance offer to execute it . T
Ebay has a software problem not allowing people who receive a second chance offer to execute it . T
A buyer has recieved the message ” does not ship to your location”, but I do?
I sent an offer to a prospective buyer. When they tried to make the purchase, they got a message from eBay statjng that I the seller do not ship to their address. But I do? Im in the U.S and the buyer is too. How do I help? I’d like to make the sale.
received an offer from a seller - says item doesn’t ship to me - where does it go?
received an offer from a seller - says item doesn’t ship to me - where does it go?
r/Ebay - So many bugs so little time.
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This thread has multiple recent examples of this glitch.

Second Chance Offers customers getting a error message saying “Seller doesn’t ship to your address.”
I send out second chance offers regularly and lately I’ve had customers sending me a message saying when they try to take the offer, they get a error message saying that I don’t ship to their address. These are regular customers, who I ship to daily. Has anyone else had this problem. I tried callin…

Interestingly, this message appears even for domestic contiguous US states that sellers don't have the option to block or not ship to.  Sellers can restrict shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other territories but there is no option to block shipping to other contiguous US states like Massachusetts.

This error still has not been fixed. Yesterday on my other selling ID I sent 4 second chance offers to one of my best customers. He was unable to buy them due to an error message saying I did not ship to Massachusetts. The 8 auctions he won with highest bids were all fine with no shipping errors. I had to create a special listing with the 4 postcards he could not buy using my second chance offers, and he bought this special listings with no problems.

eBay, please fix your second chance offers as they DO NOT WORK!

One seller had an interesting theory about what may be causing the issue:

I'm going to guess here (just a wild guess, but based on my IT knowledge of several decades) that the system isn't getting the buyer's (or offer recipient's) location from wherever that is normally stored, so it cannot provide any Shipping cost info, and gives that "does not ship" message as a default response instead, even though it makes no sense in context (that of a known buyer in a valid location). I don't think you can exclude Massachusetts as a specific shipping destination anyway. (Alaska and Hawaii, I think so, but not MA.)

While I'm seeing increased reports of this issue right now, it appears to be a problem that goes back at least over a year - why hasn't eBay fixed this yet?

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