eBay Ship By Date Glitch Still Plagues Sellers

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay sellers are still racking up late shipment penalties due to incorrect "ship by" dates being shown in the app, in Seller Hub and confirmation emails with some saying the problems has been occurring since last month with no resolution.

Ship by Date is WRONG in Sold emails
Just a heads up .........sale today (4/3) shows a ship by date in the email of 4/5........I have one day handling. It is correct in Seller Hub Sold awaiting shipment.......4/4 I did report on tech board......... https://community.ebay.com/t5/Share-eBay-Technical-Issues/Ship-by-date-is-WRONG-in-…

Just a heads up .........sale today (4/3) shows a ship by date in the email of 4/5........I have one day handling. It is correct in Seller Hub Sold awaiting shipment.......4/4

For us the Sellers Hub has been ignoring 1 day handling time for orders before a variable time. Rather than midnight being the cut off, sometimes orders before 3AM are considered ship same day, sometimes 4AM, sometimes 5AM.

I'm not sure if it's a time zone issue or what is going on, but it began at the time they did their updates last month.

Sellers are also discussing the issue on Reddit:

So, like many of you I’m experiencing the issue with the handling time being wrong on the app. This resulted in 7 late shipments for me this month, which caused me to lose my top rated seller status. I opened a case with eBay but the evidence was lacking for me, basically just saying that the app had a glitch. They have been giving me the runaround on removing the defects for the last 3 weeks.

Today, I sold another item and noticed that the email that they sent out also reflected the incorrect ship by date. This means that the official eBay app AS WELL AS THE EMAIL that they send out are both wrong. The only thing showing the right ship by date is the website.

I’m going to be fighting these late shipments tooth and nail and I suggest that you all do the same if you have any defects due to this. I now have verifiable proof that the company Im paying tens of thousands of dollars to each year for the privilege of using their platform has absolutely screwed some of its best sellers due to incompetence from their IT department.

The photos show that I shipped it out right according to their email, but they still marked it late and it’s completely unacceptable to be punished for their mistakes. My sales have dropped 75% this month due to this, costing me thousands of dollars.

It's disappointing to hear that eBay is not being more proactive in assisting sellers who are receiving late shipment dings to their seller metrics as it's an acknowledge technical issue with an open ticket since March 18th.

Ongoing technical issues - updated as of 03/28/23
The following are ongoing technical issues that have been reported and we are still tracking. If you are impacted by one or multiple of these please consider contacting Customer Support here to be added to the open tickets. We have included the reference number for these reports to help your conta…

Sellers are seeing ship by date have 1 day delay on the eBay app (March 18, 2023)

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Have you recieved received penalties for late shipment due to this glitch? Let us know in the comments below!

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