eBay Sellers Stymied By Search Filter Bug Resulting In Page Not Found Error

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay users have been stymied this week by a strange technical issue impacting filters used to narrow down search results.

The Issue: I sell in Music > Vinyl Records. When I type in Band / Album Title into ebay search for past few days when I go to the Left Navigation options and toggle/click "Vinyl Records" every single time brings me to the Ebay Error Message Page, this is the same result for all options under "Show More" - CD's, Vinyl records, any option for that category. (pics below). Make a thread on Seller board and other reported they get the same in other categories, Books was one of them. I made a tag to Kyle and he replied this morn and said there were no reports of the issue. But others I know had called and had tickets made.

The issue is site wide for many many categories, not just music category. Sales are WAY DOWN past 2 weeks. First issue was with Promoted Listings 2 weeks ago, they fixed that since sales are still bad. Come to find the search isn't working when you search and toggle options. This can be huge part in lack of sales. If people cannot search and toggle options for what they want and keep getting error message (show below) they won't buy anything and just leave.

I have been seeing a similar issue for over a week and have reported it twice now. At this point I think there is an overall issue with the left-hand filters causing these errors.

For a few days when I search and the narrow down by item specifics I get the error page. 3 days now and nothing has been done.

“We Looked Everywhere”... Is something broken?
For days now when I try to narrow search results or filter categories I’ve been getting the “We Looked Everywhere” error page over and over again. Is something broken again? What’s going on? It’s not cute, it’s an error that’s appearing all to often and it’s concerning. How many people see thi…

For days now when I try to narrow search results or filter categories I've been getting the "We Looked Everywhere" error page over and over again. Is something broken again? What's going on?

It's not cute, it's an error that's appearing all to often and it's concerning. How many people see this and just leave the site out of frustration?

Fix it, whatever it is, just FIX IT!

Happens every time I try to narrow it down with item specifics

This has been going on for days for me, researching ended listings. I have work-arounds but it's annoying.

Most of the users reporting this issue appear to be sellers and one savvy seller may have found an explanation (and temporary workaround) - the problem appears to only happen when using the search bar at the top of the Seller Hub Overview page.

This poses a particular problem because sellers often start from the Seller Hub Overview page as part of their usual workflow which may require searching to research competition, look of prices and sold history, etc.

Same problem here for music.....but only if I start the search from the Seller Hub Overview page, and then click on Records or CDs etc.

If I start from other pages there's no problem. So far I've tested Seller Hub Orders, Listings Payments, Wish List, and Ebay home page.

Look at the web addresses after these searches, from the listed starting page:

seller hub overview

seller hub orders

seller hub listings

seller hub payments


ebay home page

Wish List


The seller hub overview gives a slightly different address (After "sch" and before "from"), which is probably the problem.

It leaves off the "/i.html". Probably just a coding typo, and could be fixed by adding that back in for the seller hub overview page.

If you have the problem leave what page you're starting your search from, and if the error is happening on other different starting points.

I've been able to replicate both receiving the error when starting search from Seller Hub Overview and not receiving it when searching from other pages.

I've also tested inserting the missing "/i.html" in the appropriate place in the search URL that is created when starting from Seller Hub Overview and did not receive the error once it was included.

eBay has been made aware of what this seller has discovered, but so far has not provided any update on when the coding error in the link will be fixed.

In the meantime, sellers are advised to open a new tab or window and go to the main eBay.com homepage to perform any searches that may require using filters to narrow results.

Are you experiencing errors when narrowing eBay search results with filters or changing the sort order? Let us know in the comments below!

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