eBay Overcharges Fees For Store Subscribers

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


UPDATE 6-4-21 - Sellers continue to report being affected by this issue. It does not seem to specific to a particular store subscription level. Β It may possibly be category related with sellers reporting the issue in the following categories so far:

  • Home and Garden
  • Consumer Electronics that are NOT parts or accessories
  • Musical Instruments and Gear Pro Audio
  • eBay Motors>Boat Parts
  • Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
  • Health & Beauty
  • Computers/Tablets & Networking > Computer Components & Parts > Graphics/Video Cards
  • Computers/Tablets & Networking > Computer Components & Parts > Power Supplies
  • US Coins
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Collectibles

One seller has reported their fees have gone back to normal, but they had to have eBay support submit reports for each individual transaction.

My last three sales are back to normal on final fee value, but most of today and late yesterday are all at 12.55 I did contact eBay earlier and the guy had to send a report on every order number that was messed up. He said I should be getting a refund in 24 to 72 hours. I think everything is back to normal now, just gotta wait on the refund for the listings that got charged more

eBay is also reporting the problem as been fixed and refunds will be processed automatically.

[RESOLVED] Known Issue: Some Sellers are seeing an incorrect Final Value Fee being applied
What was it? Some Sellers were seeing an incorrect Final Value Fee of 12.55% being applied regardless of the category in which an item was listed. Is there a workaround? -This issue has now been resolved, please review further for more detail - What should I do if I’m impacted? -This issue has n…

I'm still researching this issue but can confirm I am seeing it as well on an account with a premium store subscription.

eBay is apparently charging the standard non-store 12.55% instead of the correct category/store subscription fee for some sellers in Managed Payments today.

STORE SELLERS CHECK YOUR FINAL VALUE FEES ON THE TRANSACTION DETAILS! I have a Premium Store on eBay and have for many many years. I was also forced into Managed Payments last August. Since last night at approximately 6:30pm PST ALL of my orders are being charged an incorrect Final Value fee of…
Was anyone else overcharged recently for their items final value fee? from Ebay

The premium subscription account I can confirm this issue on sells in Motors categories, normally 10.7% with their store subscription - today being charged 12.55% on all sales.

I'll update as more information becomes available but for now - check your fees!

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