eBay Messages Delayed Or Missing, Possibly Affecting Offers Too

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay users are reporting an intermittent bug that is causing some messages to be delayed or not received at all and some believe the issue may be impacting offers as well.

Re: Ebay messaging has not been working! causing issues with buyers
wrote: I believe eBay is working on breaking every aspect of the platform. It may have been taken over by competitors and they have been dismantling it. We will never know for sure because eBay never talks to humans. β€œAn empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumbles from wi…

We just had a chargeback and neg feedback left for an item that we accepted a buyers remorse return for an item. They opened and closed the return, then opened a chargeback and left neg feedback. After reaching out to customer service on three occasions over the past 3 weeks- all of the sudden, yesterday a group of messages showed up all at once on ebay's back end- BUT STILL DO NOT SHOW ON OUR EBAY MESSAGES ANYWHERE!.The buyer was asking why we were not responding, and why we were ghosting them. One message had tracking info!. Absolutely none of those messages have come through to our account as of yet...

Thankfully we were able to get the buyers phone # from the original order and contact them and work it all out with no hard feelings. They mentioned that they thought it was odd because we answered within minutes to every question but then all of the sudden never responded again.

I did just receive an ebay message from a potential customer yesterday that was from a conversation from 3 weeks ago! What on earth is going on with the messaging system?

Just spoke to CSR, the messaging system has not been working right for 3 weeks. There is an open ticket, lol

It's nutz.

This has happened to me this past week as well. I get some messages and then I have a buyer who sent me a final message that came through that said "why aren't you replying to my messages about my problem?" I received that message but nothing before or after. I replied twice to that one message and nothing.

So apparently it's a problem that is hit and miss. And you won't know about it until one of the messages slides through and then you'll have to deal with an angry customer.

I can confirm there are issues. I sold and shipped several items on Sunday and knew about the sales through seller hub of course, but I only received about 1/2 of the normal messages I receive associate with a sale, aka we have sent your payout.

It is a shame, I sent offers to a 3 individuals last week who reached out to me about a lower price. 2 of them have since replied, did you consider my offer? I told them I sent one days ago, they have replied, we received nothing from you and ebay will not allow anymore offers. Who knows what is going on.

Have you been experiencing problems with eBay messages or offers? Let us know in the comments below!

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