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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


There appears to be a problem with how eBay links from the transaction detail page to the payout details for sellers in Managed Payments.

From the transaction details page under the Payments tab, you should be able to click on the Payout ID link to see a breakdown of all transactions included in that specific payout.

However, one seller is reporting when you click through from this page, it's now showing all transactions from the last 90 days, not just the transactions for that payout.

This is what the seller now sees from that link - in this example, the funds for that payout ID were sent to the bank account on August 4th, but under "related transactions" it shows 607 with the most recent being August 24th and the oldest being May 27th.

The same thing happens from any transaction details page. Here's another one from July, but again clicking through to the payout details displays all transactions for the last 90 days.

If the seller tries to click the "download report" link on this page, it results in an error every time.

This issue appears to only be affecting the link to the Payout details from the Transaction details page.

If you navigate through the Payouts section instead of All Transactions, and click the link under "Payout ID", it does accurately show only the transactions for that specific payout.

This is the same Payout ID from July as the screenshot above, when accessed from the Payouts section instead of clicking through from a Transaction Detail page.

If you click "Download Report" from this version of the page, it does not have the same error and produces an accurate report with the correct transactions for that Payout.

The odd thing is that even though these pages should be linking to the same information, the actual URLs they direct to are different.

The top URL is the one from the Payouts page that works. The bottom one is the link from the Transaction details page that doesn't work (with the x's presenting the payout ID, which is the same in both URLS).

Why wouldn't eBay just use the same link in both places?

So far I've only seen this issue being reported by one seller and there is at least a work around so they can still access the information they need for bookkeeping purposes. This seller has been in Managed Payments over a year. They're not sure when this change happened, but can confirm this was not occurring previously.

I'd love to hear from other sellers to confirm if this is widespread or possibly an account specific issue. Let me know in the comments below if you're seeing the same thing!

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