eBay Germany Introduces Flexi-Kapital Loans By Iwoca

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay is partnering with Iwoca to offer Flexi-Kapital working capital loans to sellers on its German marketplace.

eBay Germany starts loans with iwoca
eBay Germany is launching a financing solution with online loan provider iwoca. The loan service is called eBay Flexi-Kapital by iwoca.

Much like PayPal's popular working capital loans, Flexi-Kapital loans are repaid as a percentage of sales, allowing sellers to have the flexibility of lower payments during slower sales months.

Sellers can apply directly in Seller Hub for working capital loans from 2,500 to 1 million euros.

“With eBay Flexi-Kapital, we are now offering our dealers easy access to financing. The entire process is quick and uncomplicated: from the convenient, fully digital application to the timely decision and payment to the flexible, sales-based repayment”, said Oliver Klinck, Managing Director eBay Germany.

“With the new loan offer, we help our commercial sellers where they operate their business. In this way, especially in times of a more dynamic market environment, we are creating the necessary flexibility to counter delivery problems or rising energy prices.”

More info can be found at:

eBay | IWOCA Sales based repayment loans

As always, make sure to read any terms and conditions carefully. Typically there will be a one time fixed fee instead of interest, so it's important to do the math and understand how much that fee is compared to interest rates you may get from other types of loans.

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