eBay Cyberstalking Case Documents

So far 7 eBay security employees have pleaded guilty to federal felony cyberstalking and obstruction charges stemming from a 2019 harassment campaign that targeted Ina and David Steiner, publishers of EcommerceBytes, as well as FidoMaster/unsuckEBAY - an anonymous online persona that posted comments about eBay on Ecommercebytes, Twitter and other sites.

The Steiners have also filed a civil lawsuit against the 7 criminal defendants as well as then CEO Devin Wenig, then Chief Communications Officer Steve Wymer, Progressive F.O.R.C.E.Concepts, LLC and eBay Inc.

eBay Employees Face Sentencing In Cyberstalking - But What About Corporate Accountability?
Ex-eBay employees Harville & Baugh sentenced for cyberstalking but where’s the corporate accountability?

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