eBay App Shows Free Shipping On Sales That Had Paid Shipping

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Sellers are reporting a glitch in the eBay app that is showing Free Shipping on all sales, even though the buyer actually paid for shipping.

All my recently sold items say that they are being shipped for free when they aren’t. Buyers claim that they did paying. Reinstalling the eBay app didn’t work. Is this a bug/glitch? from Ebay

Me too. Since Thursday evening. All sold items show free shipping, but in the details, each item shows that all buyers have paid the correct calculated amount.

Made me pucker up the first few times I saw it.

Is anyone else's eBay app saying that all their sales are free shipping?? from Flipping

Yes mine are all showing Free shipping on my sold listings. I first noticed it last night and began to panic because I had just taken an offer on a very heavy item. It shows that the buyer paid shipping for this item, so it sounds like a glitch.

Lucky this appears to jus be a display glitch on the seller's side - buyers are still being shown calculated shipping and paying for it when they check out.

Affected sellers say it only displays this way within the app, but displays normally when viewed in Seller Hub on desktop or mobile web browser.

So if you see free shipping on your sales in the app - don't panic, it's just the latest eBay tech-led reimagination magical experience!

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