Amazon Sellers Experience Mass Gating Of Products, Unable To Send In Inventory

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Some longtime Amazon sellers were startled today by what appears to be a glitch that is mass gating most of their products and preventing them from sending new inventory in to FBA.

My entire catalogue of brands is now gated and I'm unable to send any new inventory!

Has anyone been experiencing a technical glitch inside their seller account that started yesterday? I was attempting to send inventory and got a notification I was now gated in the brand but had no way to request un-gating. I understand this happens often to get re-approved but I tested 20-30 brands and am getting the same error message.

I have a solid Healthy Account and no IP violations of any kind. I have been on Amazon support calls/emails but they don't seem to understand the issue I'm describing. Anyone gotten any clarification on this?

Gated all over again

I have been selling beauty products for a little over a year and all of the sudden overnight apparently I am now gated an almost ever major brand.

I have a perfect customer service rating at 100% and my account health is in the green and has been that way for about a year now.

Almost every item in my inventory has been gated and all the help I'm getting is to reissue invoices.

This is over a 100 brands overnight and I'm getting no help from Amazon as to why or what happened.

Some of my products have been listed as stranded but some remain active.

Not sure what's happening but any help would be appreciated

I'm experiencing the same issue and I believe this has to be some kind of technical glitch. The big red flag is that there is NO WAY to request un-gating in any of the brands. I have tested between 20-30 brands and get the same error message every time. This is not your usual "get re-approved" to sell issue.

Some sellers indicated it was a temporary glitch that appeared to be correcting itself within a few hours.

But others say it has been over 36 hours and they still have no resolution to this issue.

We'll be keeping an eye on this developing situation - stay tuned and let us know in the comments below if you've suddenly had all of your items gated on Amazon!

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