Amazon Seller Central, Account Health, Shipping Down 6-13-23

Liz Morton
Liz Morton



Amazon AWS Health Status showing many services back online, still working toward full recovery.

Amazon appears to be experiencing a massive server outage impacting multiple areas of Seller Central including Account Health, Shipping and more.

Seller Central Issues

Has anyone else noticed that the Account Health page is all wonky and that orders stopped or slowed significantly around an hour ago?

I can't pull up new orders. Seller health page shows all red warnings/no data.

Problem with buy shipping today?

In the last hourish when I ship an item via buy shipping it is not marking the item shipped or recording the tracking. Anyone else?

Its in the last 30 minutes. It's not letting me confirm orders or buy shipping... nada. just giving me an error. I have 2 orders that are packed and ready to go that I can't confirm. One was a Custom order I already completed and got approval from the customer for.

Printing Shipping Labels but they are not showing as shipped

I just printed 8 shipping labels in the last 20 minutes. They don't show as shipped. They won't let me confirm shipment by typing in the tracking number.

Glitch in the Matrix here!

Seems like Amazon servers are down ?

Seems like an unusual stop on the orders, even can't access business report and unable to create fba shipment. Are you guys facing the same ?

Account Health Page Error/ No sales coming in

Hi, anyone else seeing error messages on the account health dashboard?

also have not gotten a sale in about 30 mins was curious if this is another glitch in Amazon systems.

Amazon's Health Status page is showing operational issues in multiple services.

And there is a spike in reports on DownDetector as well.

Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime - let us know in the comments below if you are experiencing these issues!

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