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Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce news week in review!

eBay News

eBay Ventures has joined Dick's Sporting Goods in investing in SidelineSwap, a marketplace for pre-owned sporting goods and gear.

eBay Ventures Invests In SidelineSwap Pre-Owned Sporting Goods Marketplace
eBay Ventures joins Dick’s Sporting Goods in investing in SidelineSwap marketplace for pre-owned sporting goods & gear.

Vidmay Naini has been promoted to General Manager of Emerging Markets responsible for leading eBay's Global Emerging Markets, which include Southeast Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Israel, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

eBay Promotes Vidmay Naini To GM Global Emerging Markets
eBay names Vidmay Naini GM Emerging Markets including Southeast Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Israel, Middle East, Africa, & Latin America.

One of the longest running complaints eBay has received about its Standard Envelope service has been inconsistent handling by USPS, with many envelopes either returned for insufficient postage or delivered postage due.

Now it appears eBay may be spot testing USPS to identify where trouble may be occuring in an effort to improve the process.

eBay Sends Sellers Surprise, Tests USPS On Standard Envelope
eBay sends sellers surprise in spot test to identify USPS problems with Standard Envelope.

eBay is introducing a new shipping option for Canadian collectibles sellers with Canada Post Expedited Lite for lightweight items like trading cards, stamps, coins, currency, or comic books under 200 grams.

For items in the Collectibles category weighing up to 200 grams, sellers can benefit from tracking and liability coverage of up to $100, plus receive protection on item-not-received claims.

eBay Introduces Canada Post Expedited Lite For Collectibles
eBay introduces Canada Post Expedited Lite for lightweight collectibles like trading cards, stamps, coins, currency, or comic books.

eBay's next quarterly virtual seller check in event will be held on May 25, 3-5 PM Eastern and it looks like there may be some big news about this year's eBay Open coming soon!

eBay Summer 2023 Seller Check In Slated For May 25
eBay’s Summer 2023 Seller Check In will be held May 25 & there may be some big news about eBay Open coming soon!

The monthly eBay community chat on May 10 will once again be about the new eBay International Shipping program.

eBay Community Chat May 2023 - International Shipping, Again
eBay Community chat for May 2023 will once again be all about the eBay International Shipping program.

The 5th annual eBay University Machine Learning Competition is underway, with winners offered the chance of a summer internshipwith eBay in 2024.

eBay Announces 2023 University Machine Learning Competition
5th annual eBay University Machine Learning Competition underway,winners offered Summer 2024 internship.

Other Ecommerce News

Rumors were swirling early in the week that Shopify would announce another round of layoffs before their Q1 2023 earnings call.

Will Shopify Announce More Layoffs Before Q1 23 Earnings?
Rumors are swirling that Shopify may be preparing to announce more layoffs ahead of Q1 earnings call on May 4, 2023.

Those rumors turned out to be true as Shopify announced another round of layoffs, as well as selling off their logistics business, resulting in a ~20% reduction in workforce.

Shopify Announces More Layoffs, Flexport To Buy Shopify Logistics
Shopify announces another round of layoffs, Shopify Logistics sold off to Flexport - cutting ~20% of workforce.

Some Amazon sellers report receiving offers for fulfillment fee rebates from May 4 to July 13 in exchange for sending their FBA shipments to Texas or Northwest region in what appears to be an effort to alleviate a backup in West-region receiving centers.

Amazon Offers Fulfillment Fee Rebate To Alleviate Backlog In Western Region
Amazon sellers offered fulfillment fee rebates in effort to alleviate West-region receiving center backlog.

Amazon is being taken to task for allegedly using fake strike-through pricing to show false discounts, which could lead to FTC action in addition to consumer class-action suit.

Amazon Faces Class Action For False Discount Claims
Amazon faces lawsuit alleging Prime Exclusive discounts are falsely advertised with fake strike-through pricing.

And finally, Mercari has announced the creation of an internal team dedicated exclusively to exploring and developing ways that generative AI and large language models can be used to enhance internal productivity and solve issues encountered by users.

Mercari Creates Dedicated AI Team For Internal & External Use Cases
Mercari creates dedicated team to explore ways generative AI can enhance internal productivity & solve user issues.

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