eBay Seller News Week In Review 2-13-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource eBay seller news week in review!

The surprise eBay update was the big news this week but before we get to that, there's an even more important developing story - people who have never sold on the platform or knowingly created an account are receiving 1099-K tax forms from eBay!

Received An eBay 1099-K But Never Sold On The Platform?
eBay sends 1099-Ks to some who didn’t create accounts or sell on the platform - have stolen IDs been used for fraud?

I've observed over 50 reports now across social media, the eBay community and private communications. I'm still investigating but can say it appears that accounts may have been set up using possibly stolen/compromised identity information and used to conduct business, resulting in unaware identity theft victims receiving tax documents for those sales.

Thanks to Brian Krebs of Krebs On Security for sharing my story!

I'll continue to update as the investigation progresses and now...on to the eBay Winter Update!

Winter Seller Update

eBay released a surprise Winter seller update this week with major changes in fees and Promoted Listings.

The big news for Promoted Listings Standard is that fees will be calculated on the total including shipping and sales tax starting June 1st, 2022.

eBay Winter Update - Promoted Listings
Big changes to Promoted Listings Standard fee calculation plus added reports & features for PL Advanced & Express.

On fees and refunds, there was good news and bad news for sellers.

First the good news: eBay will be crediting more of your fees when refunding or cancelling orders. Previously partial refunds received no fee credit and cancelled orders did not receive a credit of the $0.30 per order fee - both of those are changing.

And the bad news: final value fees will be increasing across the board for most categories and eBay is increasing the Below Standard Service Metrics penalty from 5% to 6%.

eBay Winter Update - Fee Increases & Refund Changes
eBay’s Winter 2022 seller update has good news and bad news about fees.

eBay also updated the User Agreement to coincide with the release of the Winter seller update. We have an exclusive in-depth look at what changed and what it means for you!

eBay User Agreement Update 2-9-22 Comparison
Exclusive members-only comparison of the important changes in eBay’s February 2022 User Agreement update.

Technical Issues

Sellers experienced delays in relisting and errors when loading listing templates, prompting me to wonder if the new listing experience is causing latency issues for critical seller functions.

Is eBay Experiencing Delays In Relisting Items?
Sellers report delays in relisting & listing template loading errors. Is eBay experiencing latency issues from the new listing experience?

Many sellers are also reporting seeing charges pop up in their accounts for USPS Short Paid Fees for orders that shipped via FedEx, not USPS.

eBay Sellers Charged USPS Short Paid Fee, Didn’t Ship USPS
eBay sellers are reporting being charged extra USPS Short Paid fees on package that didn’t even ship USPS.

Other News

eBay Canada will be hosting a seller check in February 15th.

eBay Canada Seller Check In Slated For February 15th 2022
eBay’s next official seller event will be a check in for Canadian sellers on February 15, 2022 at 4:00 PM Eastern.

And finally, a look at what might be one of the worst ad campaigns eBay has ever cooked up - how much did they pay for this? 🤦‍♀️

eBayUK Leaves Users Wondering - What’s A Cubid?
eBay UK & McCann London cooked up a bizarre Valentine’s Day ad campaign, complete with creepy cherub “Cubid”.

That's it for this week - thanks for reading and tune in next week for more eBay & ecommerce seller news!

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