What Happened To eBay Easy Pricing?

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Sellers are reporting the Easy Pricing feature seems to have gone missing from the eBay app without notice.

A seller in the eBay community asked the same question, but unfortunately so far there are no responses.

what happened to easy pricing?
what happened to easy pricing?

If you're not familiar, eBay Easy Pricing is a setting that automatically lowers the price of your item over time - kind of like a reverse auction.

eBay introduced Easy Pricing in 2018 to mixed reaction from both buyers and sellers.

Sellers Unsure at eBay’s Easy Pricing
eBay has announced their new Easy Pricing policy which has been met with mixed reaction from eBay sellers regarding the impact...

While looking for an answer about Easy Pricing's current status, I found this mention in the eBay for Business Podcast from January 11, 2022 (emphasis mine).

Caller: Hey Griff, recently when I was listing an item on my phone, I see turn easy pricing. I do not recall getting this prompt on my desktop. Is it an old item that as I've binge to listen the first 170 podcasts I might have dozed off and missed that information? Or is it something new? In either case what's the skinny? Is it for high end, high volume users or the forgetful list it and forget it user?....

...Griff: I have to admit, I didn't know it until I saw it a few months ago. And when you list an item on the mobile app, it'll prompt you. If it's a fixed price item, do you want to use easy pricing for this? And what it is is you can set a certain amount that will discount on a regular cadence, like every five days or so. It'll reduce the price by X percent...

...It's not available on the desktop, but it is available on the app. And a question if you refuse to use it after a while, the prompt seems to disappear. In talking with our Product Team, It's something that is meant for the new or occasional seller to reconsider their price automatically. So they get the items sold, but any seller who sees it can use it and you can use it for any fixed price item.

Griff's answer seems to indicate the feature is meant as a bit of "nudge" for new or occasional sellers to help them learn about setting pricing, which may mean it won't always show for every seller.

It's also not clear when he says the prompt may disappear after some time if that means access to the feature entirely will disappear, but that may be a possible explanation for why these sellers are no longer seeing it available in the app.

If that is the case, I have to say that is very odd and not at all user friendly. If that's not the case, is this another example of features being removed from the app experience with no warning or announcement, like the recent removal of the search by image function?

eBay Disables Search By Image In Mobile App
eBay has temporarily disabled the search by image function in both the Android and iOS versions of the mobile app.

Do you use eBay's Easy Pricing feature and if so, are you still able to access it when listing on the eBay mobile app? Let us know in the comments below!

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