eBay Spring Seller Update Sneak Peek

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


It looks like the official date for the eBay Spring 2021 Seller Update will be 3/3 but the community team has left us some clues about what we can expect.

Centralizing Post Sale Claims

This sounds like just giving sellers additional/easier navigation to find claims & cases.

eBay Spring Update Post Sale Claims

Seller Hub Enhancement

Announcing the new Terapeak Insights research tool that Harry Temkin & his team have been working on.

Hopefully we'll see the final version of the Listing Quality Report here soon too!

eBay Spring Update Seller Hub Enhancement

Offering Partial Refunds on Auto-Accepted Returns

Sellers in Managed Payments did not have the ability to offer a partial refund once a return was automatically accepted, which limited the options for resolving buyer issues.

Happy to see eBay addressing this one!

eBay Spring Seller Update Partial Refunds

Unpaid Item Case to Cancel Transaction

Not a lot of detail here yet, but I'm assuming this is related to some of the Unpaid Item updates Harry Temkin mentioned in the February Seller Check In.

eBay Spring Seller Update Unpaid Item

User Agreement Updates

eBay Spring Seller Update User Agreement

Coded Coupons

Sellers who've been asking for this one for a long time will be excited that coded coupons are finally going to be an option!

eBay Spring Seller Update Coded Coupons

Item Specifics Updates

Hopefully eBay has fixed the many reported issues with Item Specifics not "sticking", requiring sellers to enter them over & over again.

eBay Seller Update Item Specifics

New Listing Experience

If this is the new Unified Listing tool, hopefully they make some major improvements before rolling it out.

eBay Spring Seller Update New Listing Experience

Enhancements to Promoted Listings

eBay Spring Seller Update Promoted Listings Enhancements

This one is disappointing, but not surprising. I saw the writing on the wall back in November 2020 but its good to at least finally have confirmation.

β€œEvolving” = being replaced with a lesser benefit.

This one particularly stings because the Promoted Listings Quarterly Credit was originally sold to sellers as a way to smooth over the transition of the Top Rated Seller+ discount going from 20% to 10% in the Spring Seller Update of 2017.

This change further diminishes a benefit that was offered to appease sellers after a different benefit was diminished - which makes it a bit of a double whammy.

eBay Spring Seller Update Promoted Listing Credit Removal

Category & Classification Changes

eBay Spring Seller Update Category Changes

Managed Payments Updates

I'll be paying close attention to this one. Hopefully it’s just finalizing many of the changes that have been rolling out in phases, rather than throwing more unannounced curveballs at already weary sellers.

eBay Spring Seller Update Managed Payments Updates

Insertion Fee Updates

Hopefully eBay is planning to expand categories for Zero Insertion Fee benefits- many sellers were disappointed last fall to find the ZIF updates were very limited to only certain categories.

eBay Spring Seller Update Insertion Fees
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