eBay Overcharges for Standard Envelope Before Price Increase

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


UPDATE: 8-30-21: eBay community staff have clarified, stating this was a "display error" but sellers should have still been charged the correct lower amounts.

Hey @valueaddedresource! We got some clarification on this and it sounds like the display updated early which is why you saw $0.73 but the label still printed at $0.71. You were charged the old amount ($0.71) until 00:01 Eastern Standard time on August 29th at which point the increased price went into effect. Apologies for any confusion that caused!

However, that doesn't quite match with what several sellers reported being told by customer service over the weekend.  I've reached out to a few affected sellers to confirm what the actual charges ended up being for these labels and will update once I have confirmation.

eBay announced on August 26th there would be a $0.02 price increase for Standard Envelope shipping effective August 29th, but sellers are reporting being charged the higher prices starting on August 27th.

Ebay scamming on postage?
Why do they stamps I print out cost $.71 but ebay charges $.73? I noticed this change today. Ebay wasn’t **bleep** sellers enough as is or something?
Re: eBay Standard Envelope Price Increase Taking Effect Early?
When I print it says cost 53 but the label says 51. What’s up?

Several sellers are reporting when they contacted customer service about the discrepancy they were told since many items purchased later in the day on the 27th or on the 28th would be mailed on Monday the 30th, the price had been "pushed forward."

If true, that is absolutely unacceptable.  When printing a shipping label, the seller has the option to select the shipping date and many post offices are open on Saturdays. If the seller selected 8/28 as the ship date and the item was actually shipped today,  eBay should not have charged them the additional postage.

Given that eBay did not update the announcement or state anywhere publicly the effective date of the new pricing had changed, the only right thing for them to do here would be to refund these overages.

Are you an eBay seller who was overcharged for Standard Envelope shipping? I'd love to hear from you!

Drop a comment👇 , DM on Twitter or contact me here.

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