Walmart Offers Reduced Fees, Ad Credits To Entice New Sellers

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Walmart is in full gear to win sellers over from Amazon and competing marketplaces, now offering fee reductions and ad credits to sweeten the deal.

New-Seller Savings Gives Sellers a Boost To Grow at Walmart
The start of the year is always an exciting time. It’s a time for reflection, setting goals, pushing boundaries and trying new things. This year, sellers can win big with us as Walmart Marketplace continues to grow and deliver a top-quality product selection and a world-class shopping experience.…

Our New Year’s resolution is simple: To be our customers’ number-one shopping destination and the preferred easy-to-use, low cost and profitable platform for sellers of all sizes. That’s why we’re giving new sellers an extra boost to get their products in front of our customers. Our New-Seller Savings offer is packed with incentives and benefits to support new sellers based in the U.S. as they launch on Marketplace – and help them achieve their own New Year’s goals in the process.

New-Seller Savings
New-Seller Savings is designed to make launching on Walmart Marketplace as simple, seamless and rewarding as possible. This limited-time offer grants new sellers based in the U.S. up to a 25% commission rate reduction for 90 days when trying Walmart exclusive tools and services including:

  • Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS): End-to-end fulfillment services for Walmart Marketplace sellers of all sizes.
  • Sponsored Search advertising: High-visibility Search ads to help get your brand in front of customers actively searching for products like yours.
  • Repricer: Automated pricing tool that helps sellers stay ahead of the competition.

New sellers will get a 10% reduction when they complete sign up and the new seller survey, plus additional fee discounts for opting in to Walmart Fulfillment Services, Walmart Connect advertising, and Walmart Repricer

Build up your Walmart Marketplace business in 90 days with up to 25% off referral fees and a $500 Sponsored Products ad credit. Here’s how you can take advantage of the New-Seller Savings offer*:

  • Join and start selling on Walmart Marketplace in 3 easy steps
  • +10% referral fee discount
  • Before you go live, complete the New-Seller Survey**
  • +5% referral fee discount
  • Ship with Walmart Fulfillment Services**
  • +5% referral fee discount
  • Advertise with Sponsored Search** to unlock a $500 Sponsored Products ad credit*
  • +5% referral fee discount
  • Manage pricing with the Repricer**

And 3 weeks after onboarding, opt-in via email to receive a $500 Sponsored Products credit offer from Walmart Connect.

As always, read the full terms and conditions:

New Seller Savings 2023 - Walmart Marketplace
Now you can embrace the advantage of one of the fastest-growing marketplaces and set yourself up for success. Join Walmart Marketplace by May 31 to enjoy a 50% discount on commission rates throughout the first 90 days. Approved sellers that also apply to WFS and inbound at least one item by June 30…

Walmart opened up their marketplaces to more ellers last year and have been pulling out the stops to try to build up their 3rd party merchant network.

Walmart Welcomes More 3rd Party Sellers To The Marketplace
Walmart eases once strict approval process, paving the way for more 3rd party sellers to join marketplace.

Do you sell on Walmart Marketplace? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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