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Is eBay Concerned About Facebook Poaching Sellers?

Sellers notice a new trend while seeking help from eBay For Business on Facebook - a reminder they're on a 3rd party platform & a new way to verify account info.

eBay Buyer Asks - Item Not Received Or Missing Pieces?

eBay return reasons & claims are so overly complicated, even support doesn't know how to help this buyer.

Does eBay Have Advice For Sellers Beyond Discounts & Ads?

While discounting & advertising can be an important part of any business plan, they shouldn't be the only tools in the box. Is this all eBay has to offer sellers?

Is eBay's Restatement Of GMV Really Immaterial?

eBay has changed the definition of Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) on the platform - is the impact really immaterial?

New Year's Reflections & Gratitude From Value Added Resource

As 2021 comes to a close, gratitude & reflections from Value Added Resource - news and insights for eBay sellers, by eBay sellers.

Scrutineering 101: How To Win Friends & Influence Corporations

Reflections on the power of social scrutineering and how sellers can use their voices to effect positive changes in the eBay marketplace.

Marketplace Transparency & The INFORM Consumers Act

Should online marketplaces be more accountable for vetting sellers and stopping stolen and counterfeit goods from being sold on their platforms?
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