eBay Introduces Price Guide and Collections for Trading Cards

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay has introduced new features to the eBay app for trading card sellers, both still in the beta stage.

Buy, sell, and manage your trading cards with two new features
With 18 million trading cards sold in Q1 2021, eBay connects more trading card buyers and sellers because we offer multiple ways to sell, and easy-to-use inventory management features and tools. Launching in beta on Android, desktop, and in the latest version of the app in the Apple App Store, we’re…

Price Guide beta

Access the most recent trading cards sales data with new Price Guide

Price Guide, powered by eBay’s incredible breadth of data, provides you with the most accurate insights available anywhere for sports and non-sports trading cards and collectible card games.

Price Guide shows the most accurate reflection of your trading cards’ current value on our site, based on verified transactions on eBay during the previous 12 months.

Track trends and filter results for your queries with Refined Results, or get broader results for market research and browsing with Extended Results. For sellers, Price Guide can help you make the best-informed pricing decisions with the most recent trading cards sales data—and get the best prices for your collection.

Collection beta

Know your portfolio’s past, present, and potential future value with new Collection

Curious about the estimated value of a card in your collection that you're thinking about selling? Collection is integrated with Price Guide data so you have all the tools you need to power your trading all in one place. Engage with your collection in a multitude of ways.

See the value of your portfolio at a high level or view a specific "asset class" like Pokemon or basketball. You can drill down to see the value of individual cards.

Designed for in-app usage, you can list directly from Collection, making the listing process faster and easier.

On desktop, upload up to 1,000 items using the .csv upload template, making it easy to upload your entire collection

Seller sentiment seems to be mixed on this one.  A few sellers on Twitter were very impressed with the pricing feature in particular.

Other sellers in the eBay community and Reddit were concerned that the pricing data doesn't allow you to differentiate between graded and ungraded or other important factors, possibly skewing the results.

I tried out the tool when it was announced, and I still can't stop laughing.

Not only does it not differentiate between the two main categories of 'Graded' and 'Ungraded', it doesn't differentiate between set, card finish, edition, or anything else besides keyword I'm led to think.

The test collection I uploaded of 36 cards was showing as worth upwards of $2,000 because it was skewing the prices by mixing graded and ungraded card sales, cards worth $5 were being shown as worth $100+ as a result.

I agree on the potential of it, but the implementation was absolutely wrong.

Re: Some new features for trading card buyers/sellers
I tried out the tool when it was announced, and I still can’t stop laughing. Not only does it not differentiate between the two main categories of ‘Graded’ and ‘Ungraded’, it doesn’t differentiate between set, card finish, edition, or anything else besides keyword I’m led to think. The test collecti…
Ebay's Price Guide "Beta" from Ebay

Several other sellers in the community reported not being able access the new features or that they had technical issues when doing so and it would appear community staff didn't receive any training or information about the new feature before the announcement was made either.

Collection Beta
Not able to upload my collection.
Collection beta
I see the link on my ebay but after that Teresa nothing there. No links that I can find. The announcement message wasn’t clear on how to get or use this function with no links to any use of it.
Welcome to the Price Guide beta for collecting smarter...NOT!
Welcome to the Price Guide beta for collecting smarter. Exactly where is this price guide beta? I followed all of ebay’s directions and it is a complete dead end. When I search for a card broadly or narrowly I can find it, but a window never pops up to take me to the “experience” ebay says I will …
New Price Guide Beta
How do I find it? I see no pop-up when I do a card search.

There may be some potential here, but for now it is definitely another "early stages work in progress."

Another eBay staff member in the community responded to one post assuring sellers they are listening to feedback and provided a point of contact specifically for these new features.

Thanks for your feedback. We're actively monitoring and listening and we're currently looking into this. We'll be in touch soon. Also, we want to let others know that you can also reach us at betafeedback@ebay.com.

Cheers, eBay


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