eBay Introduces Fitment Plus, Finally Leveraging MyFitment Acquisition For Motors P&A

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay is finally leveraging their acquisition of MyFitment to offer Fitment Plus, a new tool enabling Motors Parts & Accessories sellers to enhance listings with updated compatibility data.

MyFitment was acquired by eBay in August 2022, to help try to solve long standing challenges of fitment and compatibility in the eBay Motors categories and to pave the way for the Guaranteed Fit program launched in 2023.

But despite these efforts, fitment continues to be a perplexing and frustrating issue for many buyers on the platform with eBay recently tapping into their annual University Machine Learning Competition to get some fresh ideas for how to approach this complex problem.

eBay Taps Students To Solve Fitment Challenge In 2024 University Machine Learning Competition
eBay’s 2024 machine learning competition tasks students with solving vehicle fitment challenges, with winners vying for summer internship.

Now almost 2 years after the acquisition, MyFitment has been opened up to eBay sellers for free, providing updated compatibility data for qualifying listings.

eBay Fitment Plus | Seller Center
Enhance eBay listings with eBay Fitment Plus. Add complete, accurate, and updated compatibility data to parts and accessories. Help buyers find the right fit for their vehicle.

Get started with eBay Fitment Plus
The program may help you generate more sales, enhance your buyer experience, and even help you see lower returns. When you add compatibility information to your listings using eBay Fitment Plus, your listings will be eligible for eBay Guaranteed Fit.

The benefits of the entire eBay Fitment Plus catalog is right at your fingertips, for free. Here’s how to join:

  • Sign up and add your eBay store info - Go to myfitment.com using your desktop to sign up or log in. It’s easy and allows you to review fitment on listings from all your stores in one place.
  • Review all suggested fitment data - eBay Fitment Plus suggests all available fitments for your listings that contain Brand and Manufacturer Part Numbers, so make sure you’ve added those item specifics correctly. You can then select whether you’d like to add all available fitment or decide which listings you’d like to enhance. Remember to review the suggested fitment data for each listing so it’s accurate and the info is relevant to your items.
  • Publish fitment to your listings- Easily publish the fitment you’ve selected to your eBay listings. If you usually manage your listings through a third party provider, you can simply add that provider as a connection on myfitment.com, and your new fitment data will be available for use in your third party account.
  • Make the most of eBay Fitment Plus - Come back to eBay Fitment Plus regularly to ensure your compatibility information remains complete and updated. You can always add new listings or benefit from expanding fitment data.

Sellers using Fitment Plus are encouraged to review the data on their listings and come back to the tool monthly to review and publish updated fitment information.

eBay Fitment Plus can update any listings in categories that allow fitment, as long as there is no temporary restriction on the listing (such as a current offer). For listings in categories that don’t allow fitment, eBay Fitment Plus can suggest a new category if there is fitment available.

There are some additional limitations - if a listing is in an ‘offer’ status or fitment was previously added through the eBay parts catalog (i.e. linked to an eBay product ID), it won't be able to be updated via Fitment Plus.

Here's a screenshot of what the Fitment Plus dashboard looks like once opted in - the module for potential VeRO copyright claims and keyword spamming warnings could be particularly useful for sellers.

Sellers who are interested in learning more about Fitment Plus can register to attend one of several webinars eBay is hosting to showcase the new tool with slots open on 5/29 at 11 AM Central Time, 6/13 at 2PM CT, 6/25 at 1 PM CT, 7/10 at 11 AM CT, and 7/25 at 2 PM CT.

Have you used eBay Fitment Plus for Motors Parts & Accessories? We've love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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