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UPDATE 11-27-21

eBay has now added video in listings to the mobile web and desktop experiences for buyers, still no word on when it will be available in the app and/or desktop listing flow for sellers.

eBay Seller Info & Video In Listing Updates For Mobile Web
eBay has updated how seller info is displayed in mobile web browsers & added Video In Listing for mobile web too!
eBay Video In Listings Now On Desktop
eBay has been slowly rolling out video in listings, starting with in app only, then mobile web & finally desktop browsers too!

eBay is also rolling out video capability for the About section in Stores.

eBay Stores - About Seller Video
eBay rolls out About Store video feature for select sellers in focus verticals.

eBay has slowly been adding in some upgrades to listings in the eBay app.

New gallery layout on the eBay app is pretty cool.
I’m liking the new layout for photos on the app. I take pride in my pics and this really displays them well for my customers. I just updated the app yesterday so I’m not sure if it’s been there awhile or part of the fall seller update.

Previously the way images were displayed required buyers to swipe to scroll through individual listings.

You can still use the swipe method if you prefer, but now there is also the option to pull up a gallery view by tapping on the image.

From there you can select an individual image to look at closer.

Video In Listing

eBay first announced Video In Listings back in March and there were several demos of it presented at the Connect 2021 Dev conference in June and July.

Introducing seller videos on storefronts and item pages
We’re continually working to give you a modern, feature-rich platform that helps you engage buyers and grow your sales on eBay. As part of this effort, we’re introducing video capability for listings and storefronts. Over the next few months, you’ll start seeing videos on select View Item pages a…

At the time there were some limitations - it was only available through API and only in the US and UK.

Since then eBay has expanded the ability to use video in listings through select third party partners like ChannelAdvisor, Codisto, Frooition, and others. eBay also recently announced the expansion of the current API/3rd Party version of this feature to Canada.

Introducing seller videos on item pages
We’re continually working to give you a modern selling platform in-line with retail standards, that helps you engage buyers and grow your sales on eBay. As part of this effort, we’re introducing video capability for listings. Sellers are now able to add videos to their image gallery on the View I…

While I was doing some research for a story about an eBay and Samsung Certified Refurbished promo, I noticed they are using the video in listing feature, so I figured I'd give it a test drive and post the results for anyone interested in how these videos display in app.

Check out the full demo showing both the image gallery and video in listings here:

You can identify listings with videos include by looking for the triangle "play" icon at the bottom under the image carousel. Just swipe to that section or tap it in the gallery view and hit play - in this example the video was just short clip explaining the eBay Certified Refurbished program, not a video of the item itself.

One really interesting thing to note on this particular listing, there was also a video embedded within the listing description itself. Not only that, the embedded video also plays on desktop!

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus 5G SM-G986U1 - 128GB - Cosmic Black (Unlocked) 887276395968 | eBay
Every Samsung Certified Re-Newed Galaxy smartphone includes a two-year warranty for added peace of mind. Samsung Certified Re-Newed Galaxy smartphones are thoroughly inspected and updated to like new condition.

eBay documentation about video in listing states it's currently limited to 1 video only and shows only the video display in the image gallery, as shown above with the certified refurbished video.

It's not clear if the video embedded in the description is the next iteration of video in listing and eBay has just not announced it yet or if Samsung has been given special permission to embed videos this way.

What do you think of the image gallery view and videos in listings in the eBay app? While you be using the video feature for your listings when eBay makes it available to more users? Let me know in the comments below!


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