Are Your eBay Impressions & Sales Down?

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Many sellers are reporting seeing significant drops in impressions, views, and sales across a variety of eBay categories recently.


Have you seen your views plummet the last few days? Is the view counter broken?
Has anyone else seen their views plummet the last few days. Normally on my selling account within 24 hours I would have 10s to 100s of views on items. Now I’m lucky to have 5. Is this a glitch from rolling out the new promoted listings? Other ebay seller centric forums found on other sites have expl…
Will the views/impressions problem be addressed
It seems like more and more people are having problems with views and impressions. Mine are down over 50% compared to last week with no major change in listings. Why hasn’t this been addressed?
why is traffic so low this week?
My new listings which usually have several views at least more than 10 in a day have none or 1 or 2 this week... is there a glitch or is something going on?
Low view counts on newly listed items
Anyone experiencing low views on newly listed items, for example listed Lululemon, Athleta, Nike, etc under 5 views per item in last two days, very unusual for my store????
Huge drop in Promoted Listing views/clicks
Hey everyone, I am reaching out to see if anyone has noticed a huge drop off in Promoted Listing views/clicks today? My account has had steady metrics for well over a year now when suddenly we saw a 60% decrease in clicks and a 70% decrease in impressions today. My account is a high volume sales a…

What's Going On Here?

First of all, it's always possible some of this is just the natural ebbs and flows of selling or the result of bigger picture issues (economy, pandemic, etc.).  There are many factors outside of both eBay and individual sellers' control that could impact impressions and sales at any given time.

However, there are a few things currently happening on the platform that could be factors as well.

The big one of course is the recent introduction of Promoted Listings Advanced Cost Per Click advertising.  This new ad option gives priority access to the first slot in search results for paid, sponsored advertising.

You would think changing up which listing shows in the #1 search slot wouldn't have a wide impact across the whole platform, but it's always possible eBay has also made tweaks to the algorithms that govern the rest of search placement as part of the rollout of Promoted Listings Advanced.

Many sellers have noted the downward trend in impressions and sales happened around the same time as the public rollout of the beta version of PLA, which could be important but also could be coincidental.

Re: Promoted Listings Advanced
wrote: One can no longer argue that PLS provides a leg-up to poor quality sellers. eBay stopped giving “sponsored” spots aka promoted spots to a listing based on its relative promotional ad rate a long, long time ago, if they ever did. That is another reason it makes no sense to give away a prom…
Sellers been shafted....
I believe our listing views were blocked starting months ago in anticipation of the roll out of Promoted Listings Advanced. We sellers have been taken in groups at a time, views gone overnight or rather suddenly. If it were a natural event, the views would have tapered out......not how this is happe…

One seller in the community uncovered another possible reason for sellers seeing a drop in views - eBay apparently has changed how views are being counted.‌

velvet@ebay jasmen@ebay Can you provide more context for this informational note on Seller Hub as it relates to listing views? I assume eBay will no longer be counting the "bot" views when a listing indexes- but what else would be considered invalid traffic?

Velvet@ebay responded

You are right that bot views are now considered invalid traffic. The other change is to remove duplicate views. It's our goal to provide our sellers with the most accurate information possible and we hope this new methodology of page view counts will help!

The seller responded:

Thank you. Can you define duplicate view velvet@ebay? The same person viewing the same listing within X amount of time? 1 hour? 24 hours?

Velvet promised to pass the question to the appropriate team and respond once she receives and answer.

This could in a round about way be part of the Promoted Listings Advanced rollout.

From the PLA FAQ:

How does eBay handle invalid traffic? Who should I contact if I suspect invalid traffic?

Promoted Listings Advanced traffic is screened by our proprietary detection software, which is designed to help filter invalid traffic in real time.

Suspicious traffic that is reported by sellers or partners is eligible for manual review by our team of traffic experts.

In the event manual review detects invalid traffic, a credit will be processed within 1 - 4 weeks.

Note: Campaign reports can take up to 72 hours to reconcile.

Can I be charged for multiple clicks made by the same buyer?

Potentially yes, unless our click filtering systems detect suspicious activity. In some cases, buyers may revisit the same item multiple times before completing their purchase. However, please note that we have proprietary detection software in place designed to filter out invalid clicks with abnormal patterns, including bots, malicious clicks, or accidental clicks. If clicks on the ad are identified as invalid, the clicks will not be charged.

My guess is at least some of the loss in views people are seeing could be related to this new click filtering system.

eBay is also currently working to rollout enhancements and features announced in the Fall 2021 update.  Anytime there are changes being made on the backend there is the possibility of glitches and gremlins in the process which could impact impressions and sales as well.

There's a major glitch impacting Offers that still hasn't been resolved, so there's no telling if there may be other glitches in play as well.

eBay Offers Glitch - Item Doesn’t Ship To Your Location
eBay Offers glitch tells buyers the item does not ship to their location in error - how many sales have been lost?

Have you experienced a drop in impressions and sales on eBay? Let us know in the comments below!

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