Poshmark To Host PoshFest September 29-30

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


UPDATE 9-30-22

Recordings from some of yesterday's PoshFest conference have been posted on the company's YouTube Channel.

UPDATE 9-28-22

The virtual parts of PoshFest will be hosted live on the Poshmark YouTube channel and if you can't make it live, recordings will be available for replay.

Tune in to our LIVE broadcast to catch select sessions including The State of Posh Union, Hackathon, and so much more starting on September 29th at 10:40 AM CT.

Set reminders so you don’t miss out:

Step 1: Head to our YouTube channel and hit Subscribe.
Step 2: Select a session.
Step 3: Tap the bell icon to get notified when we go live.

Be sure to repeat steps 2 and 3 for every session you want to stream! YouTube will automatically notify you when we are live.


Poshmark is hosting a 2 day in person seller conference in Houston, Texas September 29-30, 2022.

While most of the PostFest fun will only be in person, they will also be broadcasting select sessions online for those who are unable to attend.

PoshFest 2022

Agenda higlights:

State of the Posh Union with Founder & CEO Manish Chandra
As we celebrate PoshFest #10, join Founder and CEO, Manish Chandra, as we look back at the exciting journey we’ve been on together and look ahead to the future. Plus, get the inside scoop from Manish on new ways we'll help you grow and hear what’s top of mind as we shape the future of shopping together.

Trend Forecast: 100% Chance of Style + Sales with Google
The power of merchandising and trend forecasting is vital for being one step ahead and giving shoppers what they want, when they want it. In this session, join Retail Expert at Google, Julie Lentz, and Poshmark’s Head of Merchandising, Chloe Baffert, as they share industry knowledge on how to identify popular styles, brands, and trends through Google and merchandising strategies. Plus, expand your skills on detecting social media trends and how to leverage the trend lifecycle to make sales FAST.

How to Manage Inventory + Source Smarter Not Harder
From exploring new opportunities to source inventory, to seamlessly organizing and processing your sales, get all the intel on the best sourcing strategies and inventory management processes you need to make your business run efficiently and scaled to the next level.

BYOB (Building Your Own Brand) Workshop
Creating your own personal brand that’s recognizable and true to you is such an important aspect of your business because it is how you connect and are remembered by customers. Gear up for this hands-on workshop designed to help you build your brand from the bottom up. From identifying your target market, to tapping into user-friendly design tools like Canva, to copywriting and creating hard-hitting taglines that capture your audience's attention, this workshop will take your brand to the next level.

Connecting Through Content: Navigating the World of Video + the Digital Landscape with YouTube
You can’t deny it—the power of social media has a significant influence in today’s culture and the digital landscape is constantly changing. In this session, we’ve got the video experts, Kat Earls, Strategy & Insights Lead at YouTube taking the stage with Poshers and content creators, Rae and Kaahreena, to uncover the future of video and how it can be leveraged to bring your brand to life. Plus, this panel of expert speakers will focus on ways to capture new audiences, convert them to customers, keep them engaged, and build loyalty all through a powerful content strategy.

Metrics that Move the Needle: Data Insights for Seller Success
Join Poshmark Co-Founder and SVP of Seller Experience, Tracy Sun, and Associate Director of Data, Aayush Goenka, in a special presentation that will uncover new and valuable insights on seller success and how anyone can grow their Poshmark business.

The annual Hackathon is back and Poshmark’s product and engineering teams are ready to showcase the newest additions coming to the app, requested straight from each of you!

Boost Your Business: A Crash Course on Posh Tools You Need to Grow
Did you know that you have tons of helpful business-growing resources at your fingertips? This session will be breaking down the Posh tools you can use to give your business operations a glow up, from sales and promotion conversions, to understanding your pricing strategies and monitoring sales trends over time. You’ll leave feeling ready to scale and watch the sales roll in.

Scaling Your Business: Financial Forecasting + Venture Planning
Running a business is no easy feat, and if you’re ready to take it to the next level, this session will bring you behind the scenes of any savvy entrepreneur. Get the inside scoop on accounting basics such as tax best practices and write-offs, financial planning, understanding LLCs and what to consider when growing a team, and more!

ActivationAbraca-data: A Workshop on Leveraging Data + Insights
A treasure trove of insights are at your fingertips, and this workshop will walk you through how to unlock them to inform, guide, and grow your business. Get ready to slice, dice, and analyze inventory planning, selling strategies, and internal and external data to prep for popular shopping seasons (hello, holidays).

Plus plenty of networking opportunities, Happy Hour, and a Posh Party and fashion show.

Ticket and registration info:

Poshfest 2022
PoshFest is Poshmark’s annual 2-day conference for entrepreneurs. Each year, we bring people together from across the globe to network with fellow Poshers, gain insider tips, and so much more! If you’re interested in getting inspired while growing your business, be sure to join us in...

If you've never been to PoshFest, here's a recap from 2019.

Are you planning on attending PoshFest 2022? Let us know in the comments below!


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