Facebook Marketplace Adds Video Capability For Listings

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


Facebook is introducing videos to Marketplace listings to help buyers feel more secure in their purchases.

Facebook Marketplace: Looking to feel more confident when shopping on Marketplace?
Learn more about how requesting a video can help you feel more secure in your Marketplace purchases.

Whether you’re looking for a preloved outfit or secondhand camping gear, Marketplace is one of the best places to explore, discover, and buy your next favorite find. It’s also an easy and convenient resource, where you can uncover treasures from your friends’ closets, your local neighborhood, and beyond. But before you buy, it’s key to learn as much as you can about an item before reaching out to a seller — which is where video comes in!

If you’re familiar with Marketplace, then you’ve come to expect photos in listings. We’ve recently enabled video on Marketplace, allowing sellers to record or upload a video to their listings so you can buy with confidence! While photos can help you know what an item looks like, what size it may be, and any issues or defects it might have, video can give you 360-degree views of an item, greater proof that the item a seller has listed is what they say it is, and that they actually have the item on hand making the buying process smoother and safer.

Looking at a listing with only pictures? Try requesting a video from the seller in Messenger! We know you want to make sure an item is real, so we’re encouraging sellers to add videos to their listings and share videos with buyers by letting them know it helps build trust and makes the buying process more secure.

Remember, as a buyer you deserve to see items with even more detail — so keep an eye out for video the next time you’re looking for your next find on Marketplace

Have you seen videos in Facebook Marketplace listings? Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments below!


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