eBay Introduces Automatic Positive Feedback For New UK Sellers

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay is introducing automatic positive feedback ratings for new sellers in the UK to "help [users] buy and sell with confidence" as global feedback and ratings overhaul continues.

UK buyers and sellers first noticed this new feature in May, raising questions about when automatic feedback is triggered and what happens if a buyer wants to leave manual feedback after eBay has already stepped in.

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Hi ive just chatted to ebay over the computer with what i thought was a simple question but the person i asked didnt seem to know, can anyone here let me know? Ive switched on my computer, gone into ebay and noticed an extra feedback, feedback says Ebay Automated feedback, doesnt say its come from t…

Hi ive just chatted to ebay over the computer with what i thought was a simple question but the person i asked didnt seem to know, can anyone here let me know?

Ive switched on my computer, gone into ebay and noticed an extra feedback, feedback says Ebay Automated feedback, doesnt say its come from the buyer, can anyone tell me why ive had this and what its all about please?

Here's what the automatic feedback looks like: it shows a positive rating (green plus sign) with the comment "This seller successfully completed an order" and instead of showing the buyer details, it says the comment comes from eBay automated Feedback.

eBay UK community rep Marco was at first just as perplexed as everyone else, requesting for the original commenter to provide a screenshot, and when one was provided, he said he would send it in for review and update as soon as he had more information - but that was on May 20th and no further updates have been forthcoming.

The seller is relatively new to the site and said that the buyer was able to come back and leave "proper" feedback, at which point the automatic feedback left by eBay for that transaction disappeared.

Whats happened is that when the buyer left me her proper feedback the automatic feedback disappeared.

But Ive had some again from some Russian Dolls I sold. The buyer hasnt left me any yet.

I wonder as im a new ebayer well actually learning from Mom as shes been doing it since 2009. If I dont get feedback after Ive ticked every box as if its a new system that Ebay have put in place to help me be a proper Ebayer to get paid straight away after I sell something maybe?

While Marco never returned with any additional information, the eBay UK help page for feedback has been recently updated to provide details about automated feedback - saying eBay will step in when a buyer doesn't leave feedback with 7 days of the estimated delivery date, the buyer hasn't reported any issues with the transaction, and the seller has received 10 or less feedback ratings.

Sellers were also discussing this new feature in May on Reddit.

On your feedback, after a period of time if the buyer hasn’t left you feedback, it shows as “eBay automated feedback” (instead of the buyers username), comment is “this seller successfully completed an order” and it shows the item purchased.

This is something being rolled out for UK NEW sellers. Correct it is not available to US sellers but it’s to help new sellers when buyers don’t leave feedback so they can gain visibility

Others pointed out this type of automatic feedback system is similar to how other marketplaces like Vinted handle situations where shipment tracking or other signals may show the seller has completed their side of the transaction, but the buyer has not left feedback.

The automated one just shows that it was a successful transaction without any issues. Just means the buyer was too lazy to write one.

Vinted works like this and I wish ebay did the same. Sold 130+ items on ebay and only have around 40 feedback. On Vinted I caught up to this number with just 40 sales.

eBay has been increasingly looking at how to more aggressively compete with Vinted and Depop in the UK market as part of their "fix the fundamental aspect of UK Win back plan", launching fee free pre-owned clothing sales for consumer-sellers in April and a new "Simple Delivery" service in the works.

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With automated feedback only provided for new/occasional sellers with 1o or less feedback ratings,, it's possible eBay could also test this as a method for releasing funds sooner for users who are subject to the standard new or occasional seller payment holds.

New UK sellers may find their funds on hold for up to 30 days, with eBay highly recommending that add tracking information may help them to received their funds faster.

Competing marketplace Mercari places funds on hold until both buyer and seller rate the transaction - or if the buyer does not submit a rating within 3 days, the platform will post an automatic 5 star rating for the seller to complete the transaction and release payment.

eBay has been surveying UK users about payments and financial services in the last few months, with specific questions about speeding up funds availability and finding out what other competitor websites users are either already using or planning to use, so it's not surprising to see them testing out automated feedback or to think it may play a role in payment holds for new sellers in the future.

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This test comes at a time when eBay is also undertaking a global overhaul of the entire feedback and ratings system with user experience and design changes, allowing buyers to upload pictures with feedback, and verified purchase trust-building tags all seemingly aimed at blurring the lines between peer to peer user feedback rating the transaction experience and product reviews.

eBay Seller Feedback Morphing Into Product Reviews Leaving Users Confused & Frustrated
eBay feedback changes continue to blur lines with product reviews, now requiring buyers to rate items in order to leave seller feedback.

What do you think of eBay providing automatic positive feedback for sellers in some situations? Would you like to see this test expanded to the US and other markets? Let us know in the comments below!

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