eBay Summer 2024 Seller Update: Streamlined Ad Portfolio & Experience

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


eBay is streamlining the Promoted Listings ad experience as part of its Summer 2024 Seller Update, including a simplified portfolio of advertising products and a new dashboard with enhanced metric tracking capabilities.

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Get ready for a brand new Advertising dashboard

We’re introducing a redesigned and simplified Advertising dashboard. Get ready for access to real-time performance data across all of your campaigns, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with more enhanced metrics.

Advertising is getting its own spotlight
To give you a more intuitive and streamlined advertising experience, we've revamped the Seller Hub Marketing tab and are introducing a brand new Advertising tab.

Your Advertising dashboard will now only ever be a click away in Seller Hub. From here, you’ll be able to see all of your campaigns in one centralised place so you can analyse your performance and take action.

eBay says the new experience will include:

  • More metrics that matter so you can control and help improve the performance of your campaigns
  • Ready-to-launch campaigns tailored to what buyers are shopping for, and built to help you reach them
  • Personalized campaign recommendations and insights based on buyer trends and your inventory, so you can identify new advertising opportunities and target more effectively
  • A simplified campaign creation process that offers an effortless setup and intelligent recommendations making it easier than ever to get started

Access to "real-time performance data" certainly sounds intriguing and will be very useful to sellers, if eBay can successfully pull it off.

Currently, reporting about Promoted Listings performance comes with a caveat: "metrics are reported in near-real time, allow approximately 72 hours to reconcile."

Sellers are often dismayed when a sale originally comes in as organic with no ad fees applied only to have the sale attributed to an ad campaign with applicable fees after the fact - sometimes even days later.

Actual real-time data as opposed to "near" real-time would be a huge step in the right direction, but we'll have to wait to see how it pans out once the new dashboard is live.

Simplified ad campaign strategies

eBay is renaming Promoted Listings products, doing away with Advanced and Standard and introducing Priority and General campaigns in their place - but don't worry, general campaigns will still be a cost per sale model just like Promoted Listings Standard was.

We’re combining Promoted Listings Standard and Advanced under Promoted Listings. When promoting your listings, you’ll be able to choose from two different campaign strategies, depending on which fits the needs of your business:

  • The priority campaign strategy (previously Promoted Listings Advanced) provides you with priority access to ad placements with advanced controls, and you’ll only pay for clicks on your ads.
  • The general campaign strategy (previously Promoted Listings Standard) provides you with general access to ad placements with standard controls, and you’ll only pay when your item sells.

Promoted Display ads for Stores will now be called Promoted Stores

Promoted Stores (previously Promoted Display) gives you the opportunity to launch ads that help drive traffic to your eBay Store and increase the visibility of your brand amongst interested buyers.

Offsite Ads will now be called Promoted Offsite

Promoted Offsite (previously Offsite Ads) helps you reach new buyers and increase external traffic by showing your ads to those starting their shopping journey off eBay.

And, while the update does not mention it, Promoted Listings Express was discontinued in April, with auctions being moved to the Standard (now General) product.

eBay Ends Promoted Listings Express, Will Move Auctions To Promoted Listings Standard Ads
eBay ends flat upfront fee Promoted Listings Express ads April 15, will add auctions to existing Promoted Listings Standard cost per sale product.

eBay says existing campaigns will remain intact in the new experience but sellers are advised to review them in the updated dashboard to take advantage of new features and recommendations and of course, to make sure the transition is successful with no changes to settings and ad rates.

Much of this announcement sounds like a shuffling of the desk chairs with new names and possibly a cosmetic facelift, but as usual the devil will be in the details and the execution - stay tuned for more info as the new eBay Ads experience rolls out to users "soon."

What do you think of these changes to the eBay Ads experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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