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UPDATE 2-15-23

It appears eBay sellers are once again having issues with printing USPS scan forms.

SCAN forms
A number of members have had trouble generating SCAN forms. There is this thread - https://community.ebay.com/t5/Shipping/Scan-Form-Not-Generating-error-message-repeatedly/m-p/32898295#M416072 And this one - https://community.ebay.com/t5/Shipping/Scan-Form-Not-Generating-error-message-re…

eBay Community rep Devon has acknowledged a current technical issue and advised impacted sellers to reference ALERT 14365 when reporting to customer support.

I looked into this and it appears that there is a open ticket to have this issue fixed. If there are any sellers that are unable to generate and print a SCAN forms and are receiving error bulk label printing error they can reach out to customer support and let them know that they are experiencing ALERT 14365. This will have their account added to the ticket.

eBay requires sellers to have a valid acceptance scan from the shipping carrier within the stated handling time in order for a shipment to be considered "on time".  If sellers don't have this scan, the shipment may be considered late and counted against the seller's metrics, which can negatively impact the sellers account in several ways.

USPS and other carriers often require sellers with a large number of outgoing packages to use a scan form or manifest of some kind to speed up the process of picking up and scanning packages.

According to USPS:

The SCAN Form features a master barcode that represents all of the packages in a shipment; it is scanned when the shipment is received by the U.S. Postal Service®. This single scan enters all of the associated packages into the Postal Service USPS Tracking® database as “Shipment Accepted” and allows both the sender and the recipient to see when the package entered the mailstream.

Some eBay sellers have been reporting problems with printing USPS SCAN forms for postage purchased on eBay for over a month now with very little help from eBay on the matter.

The problem appears to be mostly related to labels printed with eBay's Bulk Shipping option.  Sellers are able to print the shipping labels without a problem, but eBay fails to generate a corresponding SCAN form to go with those labels.

Scan form Not available for Bulk Shipping
Hello. when I print shipping labels in bulk shipping and then click print scan form it generate scan form I was doing that last 2 years at least but yesterday and today when I click print scan form it says You do Not have scan form available anyone can advice or anyone have this issue? BTW I di…
Anyone else unable to print Scan Forms?
We have 3 eBay selling accounts and on a typical day ship about a combined 140 items across all 3. In 2 of our accounts, after we print out our shipping labels we are unable to print out scan forms...in one of them it is not a problem as they are able to be printed as normal; in fact in the past …
This has been going on for about 3 weeks for some from my research for us its been over a week. USPS pickups are not going to continue to individually scan 30-50 packages a day for us. This bug or whatever got messed up on the backend is a pretty big deal I usually give eBay issues a week before I p…
Ebay Label System Cannot Print Scan Form - New Error Message
Hello, does anyone have the same problem? When we print the shipping label in bulk , eBay system does not create a scan form and is very difficult for the shipping company to accept that they would need to scan the order one by one. If someone has the same problem, please report it to eBay because …
Scan FORM page Shows No Avaliable Scan Forms to Print
Since Friday I have not been able to generate or print.

Many of these sellers are now stuck between a rock and a hard place.  The carriers won't continue to pick up and scan hundreds of individual packages and waiting in line at the post office to get scans for each package is not a viable alternative either.

If sellers can't get SCAN forms for the postage they purchase on eBay, their only other option may be to purchase postage elsewhere through companies like ShipStation, Shippo, or PirateShip that can reliably provide this functionality.

At eBay Open in 2019, then CEO Devin Wenig reported eBay was the second largest USPS retail customer representing $1.5 billion in postage.  It's long been speculated that eBay may have used that #2 position to negotiate discounted rates above and beyond the discounts provided to sellers, potentially representing a profit center for the company.

If that is the case, I have to wonder why eBay wouldn't be rushing to fix any technical issue that could possibly be driving sellers to purchase shipping labels anywhere else?

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