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Liz Morton
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eBay News

eBay says they are working to actively address a long-standing technical issue often referred to by sellers as "ghost listings" with a new way to report when an item that has been previously sold reappears for sale without the seller's intent, seemingly relisted by eBay.

eBay Quietly Solicits “Ghost Listing” Reports; Sellers Feel Ghosted By Lack Of Support & Communication
eBay has a new way to report “ghost listings” when a previously sold item reappears for sale, but lack of support leaves sellers feeling ghosted.

eBay is expanding luxury handbag and wallet authentication to include items under $500...for a fee.

eBay Expands Luxury Handbag Authentication With Add On Option For Items Below $500
eBay is expanding luxury handbag and wallet authentication to include items under $500...for a fee.

A recent update to the app experience is causing sellers to inadvertently delete drafts, losing precious time and effort in the listing process as there is no way to recover lost data.

eBay App Update Causes Inadvertent Draft Deletion Issues
eBay sellers say app experience is causing them to inadvertently delete draft listings with no way to recover lost data.

Sellers who use the variations options to sell multiple similar items in one listing are reporting technical issues with image uploads preventing them from creating new listings or adding images to existing ones.

eBay Variation Listing Image Upload Problems 6-19-2024
eBay sellers report technical issues with image uploads for variations preventing creation of new listings or adding images to existing ones.

A post in the eBay community has officially announced Feedback Updates, advising that feedback removal requests will now be reviewed by human customer service agents but still leaving details about those "dozen" policy updates very vague.

eBay Faces Heated Questions About Feedback Removal At Summer Seller Check In
eBay VP Andrea Stairs was in the hot seat at today’s Summer Seller Check In, facing tough questions about recent feedback removal policy changes.

It appears eBay and other companies' tax sharing deals are still safe as California Senate Bill 1494 seeking to phase out such agreements failed to pass a vote last month.

Could eBay Lose San Jose Tax Sharing Deal Worth Millions?
Tax sharing deals for eBay, Apple & more receive scrutiny as California cities push for fairer distribution & some lawmakers push back.

Other Ecommerce News

Mercari US is desperately trying to buy its way into a GMV and active users bump as the end of quarter is fast approaching and pressure to show new fee strategy is working mounts.

The site kicked off a month long promo starting on June 15th, offering sellers the chance to earn site credits for launching their first listings and inviting friends.

Mercari Looks For GMV & Active User Boost With New Seller Promotion
Mercari US desperately tries to buy GMV & active users bump with new seller promo as pressure mounts to show fee strategy shakeup is working.

UPDATE: According to an ex-employee, the abrupt exit of Mercari US VP Engineering Masumi Nakamura and General Counsel Jenny Kim was announced at an all-hands meeting held 2 weeks prior to employees being notified of this mass layoff, with their final day set as June 10th.

Mercari US Undertakes Mass Layoff Months After Major Fee Structure Shakeup
Mercari US has undertaken a significant mass layoff, eliminating 45% of staff months after major fee structure & business operations shake up.

Etsy sellers are in a panic about pricing problems in the new listing form as the clock is winding down to retirement of the old form that is currently the only way to work around this troubling technical issue.

Etsy Sellers Worry About Pricing Problems In New Listing Form As Old Listing Form Set To Retire
Etsy sellers face pricing problems in new listing form as old form that is currently the only work around for this glitch is set to retire.

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